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Laugharne Loop_32.7mi_2473ft

Cycling Route

32.71 mi
2,473 ft
Created By
Leighton P

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Nar2Princes2.04 mi138 ft1.3%
TT halfway point,4.86 mi269 ft0.8%
TO Princes Gate0.23 mi85 ft7.0%
princess gate to tavernspite2.97 mi171 ft0.9%
The Humps1.77 mi131 ft1.4%
didn't see it coming0.27 mi75 ft5.4%
Tavernspite Sprint1.17 mi-49 ft-0.3%
Llanddowror Top Road4.34 mi-404 ft-1.3%
Rollin' to the Bridge3.03 mi-318 ft-1.2%
RECTORY CLIMB0.29 mi92 ft5.7%
Smoooth1.04 mi59 ft0.4%
Last bit of lanes0.29 mi-66 ft-1.7%
Laugharne1.02 mi233 ft4.0%
Lump to Laugharne0.87 mi220 ft4.7%
llareggub limit1.07 mi-233 ft-4.0%
Laugharne - Pendine climb0.47 mi95 ft3.9%
Laugharne to Pendine Bottom4.98 mi-177 ft-0.0%
Broadway to Pendine3.71 mi-141 ft-0.5%
marsh turning to pendine3.48 mi-177 ft-0.7%
Plashett to Pendine3.00 mi-46 ft-0.1%
Brook to Pendine2.36 mi23 ft0.0%
daffodil sprint finish0.51 mi-7 ft-0.1%
Pendine Hill to top1.91 mi571 ft5.6%
Pendine0.63 mi230 ft6.9%
Pendine to top1.86 mi561 ft5.7%
pendine to A4774.33 mi531 ft2.0%
Pendine Climb (to B4314)0.40 mi318 ft14.8%
Dine in Red4.41 mi564 ft2.1%
Pendine - Cafe to junction climb0.64 mi259 ft7.7%
Dine in Red Tavarn5.88 mi561 ft1.7%
Pendine Hill, part 21.03 mi246 ft4.5%
Pendine church to Red Roses3.76 mi272 ft1.0%
crossroads to redroses2.48 mi-118 ft-0.4%
Swoop up to Red Roses0.38 mi89 ft2.6%
Redspite1.49 mi92 ft0.7%
RedTav1.57 mi105 ft0.4%
Hill Into Tavernspite B43140.41 mi102 ft4.6%
Highest point in South Pembs1.21 mi210 ft3.3%
pant all the way to 3wells 0.40 mi49 ft1.7%
Ash lane to first crossroads1.32 mi-92 ft-0.7%
Ash lane to Tannners Lane2.34 mi-118 ft-0.7%
Princes Gate to Narberth (Kiln Park Road)1.57 mi-135 ft-1.3%
Beat the Lights0.16 mi36 ft3.9%
bridge to redford0.29 mi36 ft0.9%
black aldern up and over tt0.21 mi-33 ft-1.0%
Narberth to Dynos Car Park0.38 mi89 ft4.3%