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H10K 2013 Day 1

Cycling Route

80.88 km
2,554 m
Created By
Marc Durdin

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Napoleon Street Climb0.11 km18 m16.1%
Lynton Ascent0.18 km23 m12.5%
Washington St0.41 km49 m11.7%
Hillborough Rd0.68 km93 m13.6%
Hilborough climb from Ingram St0.54 km64 m11.9%
Skyline sprint0.91 km-52 m-5.7%
Ridgeway Rd2.48 km194 m7.8%
Waterworks to Ridgeway Reservoir1.16 km138 m11.8%
Chimney Pot Hill Rd from Ridgeway2.31 km30 m1.3%
Road Rage - Fern Tree Sprint0.19 km-4 m-2.3%
Strickland descent - to bridge3.06 km-160 m-5.2%
Road Rage - Cascades Sprint0.50 km-27 m-5.4%
Brewery to Pillinger Dr6.36 km299 m4.7%
Strickland2.98 km167 m5.6%
Strickland Ave Killer Corner0.22 km8 m1.7%
Strickland top sprint0.73 km37 m5.0%
Strickland-Huon Junction to Pinnacle Rd2.03 km79 m3.8%
Strickland-Huon intersection to Neika6.17 km135 m2.2%
Strickland - Pillinger1.95 km62 m3.2%
Fern Tree Climb1.31 km66 m5.0%
Chimney Pot - Fern Tree Climb1.05 km62 m5.9%
Fern Tree Tavern to Pipeline Track3.84 km106 m1.5%
Fern Tree to Neika3.92 km63 m1.5%
Fern Tree - Neika (false flat)3.56 km62 m1.5%
Ferntree to Neika3.71 km58 m1.5%
Neika Sprint0.25 km10 m3.9%
Longley to the top of the climb 5.62 km296 m5.2%
Longley - Leslie Rd1.65 km99 m5.7%
Top of Wolfe's Road To Pipe Line Track Entry1.06 km75 m5.9%
Neika bridge - Fern Tree3.52 km-53 m-1.5%
fern tree to shoobridge bend2.58 km191 m7.2%
Ferntree - Chalet7.63 km571 m7.5%
Fern Tree to the Springs4.03 km274 m6.8%
Mt Wellington, Pillinger Dr11.18 km827 m7.4%
Springs Sprint0.49 km24 m4.8%
The Springs to The Chalet3.57 km309 m8.7%
Springs - Summit7.07 km565 m8.0%
Ice Run1.57 km104 m6.6%
Pinnacle Road Climb1.23 km117 m7.8%
The Chalet to the Summit3.53 km259 m7.3%
Wellington Summit Sprint1.67 km112 m6.7%
Wellington Sprint for Rob0.33 km22 m6.6%
Mt Wellington Summit - Fern Tree Decent10.84 km-777 m-7.2%
Wellington Descent10.50 km-790 m-7.5%
Pinnacle to Springs descent6.63 km-530 m-8.0%
Springs decent to Huon RD4.17 km-273 m-6.5%
Springs to Huon3.90 km-252 m-6.5%
Springs descent3.03 km-213 m-7.0%