Rockley Mount

Cycling Route

44.6 km
542 m
Created By
Greg Vinall 🇦🇺

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Browning Street to Uni0.33 km11 m3.1%
Browning St Hill Climb0.46 km17 m3.4%
Old Saleyards to Perthville Pub6.51 km21 m0.3%
Gestingthorpe Road Climb0.96 km112 m11.6%
Rockley Climb7.88 km259 m3.3%
B2B Main Climb7.25 km256 m3.5%
Cow Flat Rd to Rockley Mount7.27 km266 m3.6%
Gestingthorpe to Church 1.83 km45 m2.4%
Perthville Cow Flat Road to Cow Flat3.69 km154 m4.2%
Gestingthorpe Rd to Quarry turnaround3.12 km78 m2.4%
Quarry Hill1.79 km81 m4.5%
Flat Cow4.81 km228 m4.7%
Church Sprint Points0.27 km7 m2.6%
Quarry Hill 2nd0.41 km37 m8.8%
Cow Flat to Rockley Road2.07 km135 m6.5%
B2B - the business end of the race1.44 km106 m7.3%
Rockley Mount to Bathurst15.49 km-292 m-1.9%
I only go up so I can come down3.88 km-187 m-4.8%
Fridays Swap-off Record Beaters6.41 km-120 m-1.8%
Don't Go back to Perthville4.89 km-71 m-1.4%
Perthville to Bathurst - Record breaker Speed Sign to Speed Sign - 5.34 km-17 m-0.3%
60 Sprint0.34 km0 m0.0%
Police Run0.89 km-11 m-1.1%