Atlanta Cycling - "Six Flags" - Saturdays

Cycling Route

40.81 mi
2,876 ft
Follow the white painted "6" to the Elementary School reversing point for 40 miles or continue to Silk Sheets to ride the Metric "6m" or the seventy-five "6s" or the full 100 miles, "6c". This is a straight out and back loop - marked both ways. 
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Don D
February 9, 2015·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Northside Pkwy Uphill1.16 mi121 ft1.6%
6 flags out - no roll out20.87 mi217 ft0.1%
Six Flags Out (church to sprint sign exactly)19.21 mi197 ft0.0%
Mt Paran grinder0.31 mi66 ft4.0%
Love Gap0.17 mi59 ft6.6%
Woodland Bridge - Out1.90 mi102 ft0.8%
Log Cabin to Six Flags Turnaround15.27 mi223 ft0.2%
Maner Climb - Out0.24 mi56 ft4.4%
6flags Rd - Thornton Rd6.61 mi-131 ft-0.2%
S Svc Rd Out0.47 mi95 ft3.7%
6 Flags Climb4.69 mi184 ft0.7%
Parkway Climb4.93 mi210 ft0.7%
parkway climb 1 0.51 mi79 ft2.9%
Parkway Climb 22.18 mi197 ft1.7%
6 flags back - no warm down17.86 mi-210 ft-0.2%
Six Flags Back (sprint sign to sprint sign)17.15 mi-180 ft-0.2%
6 Flags Climb0.89 mi95 ft2.0%
Flags Pkwy Sw Climb0.56 mi669 ft22.3%
Discovery BLVD NB: MLK to Donald-Lee1.70 mi85 ft0.5%
Discovery lead-up to Vets 1.12 mi-56 ft-0.4%
RiverView to South Cobb2.47 mi98 ft0.5%
Riverview Back0.65 mi112 ft3.2%
Maner Climb - Back0.40 mi82 ft3.9%
Woodland Bridge - Back1.90 mi-98 ft-0.8%
Woodland Bridge - Back Punch Climb0.34 mi69 ft3.3%
woodland sprint0.19 mi-7 ft-0.4%
Paces Ferry Climb to Old Town Vinings0.47 mi144 ft5.8%