day 5

Running Route

27.51 mi
1,343 ft
Created By
Lukasz Sielski
July 23, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Saxon Shore Relay Leg 91.90 mi56 ft-0.3%
Deal Seafront Sprint1.30 mi13 ft0.2%
Royal Hotel to Godwyn Rd0.75 mi13 ft-0.1%
sandown to bay gravel run1.95 mi20 ft0.0%
Bird Centre to the Tollgate 0.36 mi3 ft-0.0%
Tollbridge to the Pfizers Roundabout1.25 mi20 ft-0.2%
RamsRoad0.12 mi3 ft-0.2%
Pfizer Roundabout to Richborough1.04 mi13 ft0.2%
Nature Reserve to The Sportsman Pub1.05 mi16 ft-0.2%
After the reserve0.23 mi7 ft0.3%
Sportsman to Road Sign0.24 mi26 ft2.0%
Pegwell cliff top0.60 mi72 ft0.4%
Pegwell Road climb 0.23 mi85 ft7.1%
Wall to Coastie Finish0.22 mi56 ft-3.0%
Westcliffe Prom Mile TT1.00 mi59 ft-0.5%
Cliff top0.48 mi66 ft-1.2%
All Along The Watchtower......0.77 mi66 ft-0.2%
Cliff top to Harbour0.81 mi33 ft-0.5%
Gary's pole to the flicks - Big sprint finish time!0.07 mi16 ft3.5%
King George park to Louisa Bay Bridge.1.25 mi89 ft0.1%
King George 'Kill Sprint'0.34 mi13 ft-0.1%
Viking to Stone Bay0.51 mi0 ft-0.0%
Stone Bay stairs0.06 mi30 ft7.9%
Usain Bolt0.14 mi56 ft-7.0%
PK - dig deep, not far to go to the finish0.88 mi62 ft-0.5%
Marine Drive Margate 0.24 mi125 ft3.7%