Cycling Route

67.04 km
899 m
Looking to visit some popular destinations around Bangalore on your bike? TheDoddaAalada Mara (Big Banyan Tree), as we call it in Kannada, is one such destination. A single tree covering over 3 Acres of land is a must-visit destination. Head out early during the day, to beat the heat and mainly the traffic on the return Head towards Bangalore University via the Outer Ring Road and then towards Kommalghatta Lake. Ride through various villages and stay on the Tavarekere-Kengeri Road. The terrain is rolling tarmac. Spin on the steady climbs, push hard on the flats and recover on descends. Just before joining Magadi Road, a left turn will take you towards DoddaAalada Mara (Big Banyan Tree). Don’t be surprised when you’re cheered by a few children in the villages. 6Km from the left turn you will have to make one more left turn to reach Big Banyan Tree. Stop by the side of the road and take a look at the map on Strava in case you feel you missed a turn. The traffic on this road is moderate with Buses and Lorries. There are quite a few shops for a pit stop around the Big Banyan. Get some fuel into the system and be ready to ride through some beautiful roads. Ride towards the village called Ramohalli and take the left turn just before you see the Syndicate Bank on your right. Join the Tavarekere-Kengeri Road and trace your way back or follow the map on Strava, to the city through Bangalore University.
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
DG Petrol Bunk to Kamakya0.71 km-11 m-0.8%
ittamadu signal0.41 km10 m1.5%
ittamadu signal to HH Signal0.64 km-34 m-5.3%
Outer Ring service Road to Nagarbhavi Circle1.00 km22 m2.2%
University Exam Center climb1.10 km43 m3.9%
Kengeri Overhead water tank to 100 feet road1.09 km31 m0.9%
Kommagatta to Sulikere cross2.38 km28 m1.0%
Let's climb3.93 km54 m1.4%
Tavarakere to DAM TT5.27 km-44 m-0.8%
DAM to Patladamaa temple2.24 km-38 m-1.6%
Tuli Maga Tuli..0.86 km35 m4.0%
One Last Climb0.66 km27 m4.0%
bangalore university1.96 km-45 m-1.5%
Outer Ring Road Rollercoaster3.81 km64 m0.8%
Nayandahalli flyover to Nice road0.53 km27 m4.6%
'round the corner and up DSERT climb1.59 km54 m3.4%
PES-U to Hoskerhalli Incline0.66 km26 m4.0%
Kamakya to DG Petrol Bunk0.75 km11 m0.5%
DG petrol pump climb0.57 km23 m4.0%