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BOTS Century Challenge - Nandi Road (via Airport Road highway)

Cycling Route

118.81 km
1,194 m
Nandi betta is the go-to destination for cyclists in Bangalore. It’s our hill and a beautiful one, might I add. This is a great location for a weekend bunch ride with friends.

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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Rajbhavan Road Incline0.35 km6 m1.4%
Rajbhavan Road0.66 km6 m0.2%
Golf Course Through1.03 km-7 m-0.2%
Le Meridien to Decathlon Anubhava20.75 km-61 m-0.1%
Chowdiah Rd - National Tuberculosis Institute0.56 km-14 m-2.3%
Guttahalli - Mekhri climb1.89 km30 m1.5%
Mekhri Circle to Sanjay Nagar Obstacle Course0.96 km-20 m-2.1%
Sanjaynagar-Hebbal Flyover sprint2.06 km-29 m-1.3%
Hebbal to Yelahanka Left Turn5.42 km39 m0.2%
Hebbal to Nandi turn - Highway29.35 km54 m0.1%
Nandi100.56 km486 m0.0%
Hebbal to KIAL toll plaza17.61 km45 m0.1%
Hebbal to Nandi top50.26 km501 m0.9%
Kodigehalli climb1.84 km31 m1.0%
RyanJn_EmmVeeJn3.84 km20 m0.1%
Saturday Drop Point0.94 km10 m0.5%
Neeleri X to Nandi Upachar X Sprint1.11 km13 m1.2%
Highway to Nandi Hills FootHill9.71 km49 m0.3%
Nandi Uphill11.24 km433 m3.8%
Nandi Warmup1.64 km37 m2.1%
Nandi Climb7.31 km403 m5.5%
Nandi climb - 1st part to 4km milestone 4.00 km214 m5.1%
State Highway 74 Climb1.48 km109 m7.3%
nandi14.95 km-416 m-0.1%
Nandi Downhill Biking Trail Climb1.08 km110 m10.2%
Nandi's horn0.50 km48 m9.4%
Nandi climb - 3rd part from 3km milestone to archway2.39 km186 m7.3%
Nandi Downhill Biking Trail Climb0.94 km82 m8.7%
Nandi-Down-Hill6.74 km-382 m-5.7%
Nandi downhill (PROPER)7.24 km-393 m-5.4%
Nandi Base to Devanahalli17.19 km-104 m-0.4%
Nandi turn to Hebbal - Highway28.94 km-53 m-0.0%
Nh Service Rd Climb1.40 km86 m6.2%
Devanahalli NH44 Jn-Devanahalli Airport Toll8.14 km44 m0.4%
KIAL Climb5.17 km43 m0.8%
TTPR_towards-Bangalore16.37 km-45 m-0.0%
Vidya Nagar Junction to Windsor Manor19.70 km61 m0.1%
AFS Yelahanka Climb0.79 km21 m2.6%
Bagalur Cross to Jakkur Cross5.72 km36 m0.1%
Bagalur Cross to Kogilu Cross1.84 km-32 m-1.7%
Elevated highway- Yelahanka - Columbia asia5.92 km37 m0.3%
The Twin Humped Camel4.79 km35 m0.1%
Yelahanka-Jakkur Cross1.73 km23 m1.2%
jakkur cross to dasarahalli1.92 km-31 m-0.3%
NH7_last_climb_flyover_end_towards_BLR0.80 km21 m2.6%
Bangalore Hyderabad Hwy Climb0.34 km100 m29.4%
Airport road - Hebbal flyover2.92 km35 m0.2%
Hebbal - Mekhri Steady Climb3.49 km55 m1.6%
Mekri Hill0.88 km15 m1.7%
Ash_Two Humped Camel3.17 km-29 m-0.3%