Hollow Trees - Semer

Cycling Route

45.1 mi
1,990 ft
Created By
The Wheeler
August 7, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
mount road hill0.61 mi102 ft2.5%
Cycle Path Assent0.37 mi89 ft4.4%
Past the BSE Appledowns0.29 mi33 ft-2.1%
Mount Rd RAB to AD 20.20 mi30 ft-2.7%
Escape2.87 mi69 ft-0.3%
Cycle path blast to road 1.01 mi23 ft0.0%
Mount Road - off road decent to Thurston corner1.11 mi49 ft-0.8%
ttttt0.45 mi20 ft-0.6%
Beyton to Drinkstone drag1.18 mi66 ft1.0%
Drinkstone Road Climb1.02 mi59 ft0.9%
Stone -> Pit0.43 mi13 ft0.6%
Drink up to Green Road0.32 mi39 ft2.3%
To Rattlesden (minus the drop)1.24 mi49 ft0.5%
rattlesden decent0.33 mi102 ft-5.9%
Col de Oiseaux Verts0.28 mi69 ft4.6%
George's Hill to Hell!0.20 mi43 ft4.0%
Peels Undertones - Reverse1.98 mi59 ft0.0%
ZIG-ZAG, UP-DOWN, Junction to Church1.04 mi62 ft-1.0%
Ringshall surprise climb0.41 mi72 ft3.3%
big dipper reverse0.87 mi66 ft0.4%
Big Dipper Hill Only0.54 mi49 ft0.0%
Nedging camel ride1.43 mi23 ft0.0%
Naughton descent2.54 mi213 ft-1.4%
naughty decent1.15 mi128 ft-2.1%
Ooossshhh #124 Watson's Hill0.46 mi115 ft4.6%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No124 Watson's Hill0.37 mi98 ft5.0%
Watsons Hill0.38 mi89 ft4.2%
CCS Hill climb route0.31 mi79 ft4.7%
Watsons Hillclimb Semer0.23 mi115 ft9.2%
Watson's Hill (Mid section)0.15 mi33 ft4.0%
Chelsworth Sweep1.16 mi69 ft-1.0%
Into chelsworth0.23 mi102 ft-7.0%
Highlands Road Extended0.42 mi43 ft1.7%
Highlands Road Climb0.24 mi43 ft3.0%
Highlands Road plus1.15 mi46 ft0.7%
Preston steady climb0.81 mi85 ft1.9%
Thorpe Morieux Up0.93 mi95 ft1.9%
Bouncies extended bomber1.39 mi92 ft-0.5%
Bouncies Bomber0.72 mi92 ft-2.4%
Bury Blast0.31 mi75 ft-3.8%
OLD VERSION - Bury Blast0.31 mi75 ft-3.8%
Chicken Hill0.38 mi46 ft2.3%
TT end to Eastlow Hill1.23 mi66 ft-0.0%
Eastlowhill Kicker0.23 mi33 ft2.5%
Mind the potholes!0.97 mi89 ft-1.2%
Audi to John Banks0.30 mi7 ft0.4%
Stallion Finish - Its always there0.11 mi10 ft1.4%
Mount Rd descent0.52 mi82 ft-3.0%
Mount Road Bottom0.08 mi16 ft-3.7%
The Pancake Flat0.10 mi16 ft3.2%