Mt. Diablo North and South Gate Loop

Cycling Route

38.18 mi
3,860 ft
A loop that takes you to the top of Mt. Diablo and back to the Coffee Shop.
Created By
Marko K
August 23, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Northgate to Summit from Castle Rock12.34 mi3,550 ft5.4%
Northgate Road to Boundary Sign: 8-10min interval2.85 mi325 ft2.2%
Pearly Gates to North Gate1.20 mi138 ft2.2%
Tour de Clayton - Diablo Stk Ctr to Summit12.05 mi3,671 ft5.8%
NG 1st Mile1.02 mi102 ft1.9%
Diablo :: North Gate to Junction6.48 mi1,827 ft5.3%
northgate entrance to stop sign3.43 mi837 ft4.6%
North Gate to Summit10.91 mi3,307 ft5.7%
Д Mt. Diablo NGR: Split 1 - Prologue (Mile 0.0 - 1.6)1.54 mi184 ft2.3%
10 min interval1.68 mi354 ft3.7%
Northgate Long Repeats (after dip before boundary to Diablo Ranch)3.40 mi1,083 ft6.0%
5 Min Int from NG Mt. D Sign1.01 mi325 ft5.8%
SFR - 3 minutes - 6.5% grade0.44 mi157 ft6.6%
8 min Tree to 10001.30 mi476 ft6.9%
Ride (Climb) The Snake0.83 mi253 ft5.7%
Д Mt. Diablo NGR: Split 3 - The Bump (Mile 2.6 - 3.6)0.99 mi354 ft6.8%
Northgate Steeps, turn to 1000 ft0.20 mi95 ft8.9%
North Gate - The Wall0.36 mi174 ft9.1%
North Gate Road from Buckeye to Junction3.28 mi1,033 ft6.0%
2000 ft sign to Junction0.47 mi171 ft6.8%
Who Wants It Most- Northgate Top To Ranger Station KOM0.23 mi89 ft7.2%
Diablo Junction to Summit4.39 mi1,667 ft7.2%
Diablo Junction to Juniper Campground2.28 mi768 ft6.4%
Brad Wiggins Tour of California Pace Setting0.16 mi52 ft6.0%
Toughest Chunk of Summit Road IMHO0.97 mi387 ft7.5%
Double Dare Up Mt. Diablo0.21 mi66 ft5.8%
full sprint- diablo climb- approaching valley overlook0.49 mi203 ft7.8%
The Grapevine0.54 mi249 ft8.7%
Steepest Section On Top - Mt. Diablo State Park California 0.16 mi79 ft9.3%
OUCH!!!!0.26 mi82 ft5.9%
Д Mt. Diablo Summit Road: Juniper to Summit2.16 mi866 ft7.6%
Juniper Camp to Devil's Elbow0.80 mi348 ft8.2%
Bold Attack Mt. Diablo Challenge Finish0.38 mi157 ft7.9%
Devil's Elbow - Surprise Attack!0.16 mi62 ft7.4%
Mt Diablo - Devil's Elbow to Summit0.91 mi351 ft7.3%
Diablo Summit Final Push0.19 mi138 ft13.1%
The Wall0.12 mi105 ft16.3%
Mt Diablo Descent - Summit to S Gate10.09 mi3,074 ft-5.8%
Diablo - Summit to Junction4.26 mi1,486 ft-6.6%
Mt Diablo Descent - Junction to S Gate5.67 mi1,421 ft-4.7%
Don't worry, if you have a yard sale the helipad is right there. 1.09 mi269 ft-4.6%
This has to be the best turn section on mt diablo0.53 mi151 ft-5.4%
Diablo Pay Station to South Gate descent2.59 mi758 ft-5.5%
Great turn section on Mt D!!1.51 mi522 ft-6.5%
El Cerro to Rugear4.24 mi148 ft-0.7%
Danville Blvd from El Cerro to Stone Valley1.98 mi69 ft-0.6%
Danville Blvd Camille to Hillgrade2.52 mi85 ft-0.7%
Stone Valley to Rudgear2.10 mi75 ft-0.7%
Livorna Rd - Rudgear1.22 mi36 ft-0.5%
Hillgrade to Rudgear Sign0.63 mi23 ft-0.7%