DWC Breen Loop via CR 125 - Smiley Start

Cycling Route

31.1 mi
2,064 ft
Created By
Spencer Compton
August 24, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Durango to Nighthorse turn5.03 mi614 ft2.3%
Logging Trail Rd Climb1.77 mi289 ft3.1%
Up, Up, and Up2.02 mi328 ft3.1%
CR 125 - all the dirt3.50 mi738 ft4.0%
CR 125 Climb2.77 mi732 ft5.0%
County Road 125 Climb2.14 mi591 ft5.2%
Breen Dash5.85 mi554 ft-1.7%
Breen Dash5.73 mi538 ft-1.7%
140 stretch3.69 mi351 ft-1.8%
Old Fort South3.29 mi312 ft-1.5%
Breen Rollers3.21 mi131 ft0.8%
140 to 16011.10 mi807 ft-1.2%
CR141 DH: CR 136 to CR 2104.37 mi315 ft-1.4%
Wildcat Canyon - in8.96 mi879 ft-1.8%
D&RG to 1604.74 mi541 ft-2.2%
CR 125 to top of Wildcat DH 2.64 mi233 ft-1.7%
Wildcat Canyon downhill3.62 mi492 ft-2.6%
Wildcat DH (Spring to 160)2.40 mi381 ft-3.0%
Wildcat Sprint1.60 mi285 ft-3.4%
Hwy 160 Climb1.24 mi279 ft4.2%