Ro: Pikes - lake to peak

Cycling Route

26.06 mi
5,007 ft
Created By
Bo Kristensen
August 27, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Crystal Creek Res Lot to Summit12.89 mi4,485 ft6.6%
Pikes on Bikes (steep part)11.62 mi4,590 ft7.5%
catamount cutoff to elk park cutoff6.63 mi2,418 ft6.9%
catamount cutoff to the gatehouse5.72 mi2,001 ft6.6%
Pike's Peak Cycling Hillclimb - full12.14 mi4,721 ft7.4%
2012 Pikes Peak Hill Climb12.09 mi4,688 ft7.3%
Pikes Peak Race Start to Devils Playground8.64 mi3,550 ft7.8%
Pike Peak Hill Climb12.07 mi4,711 ft7.4%
Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb12.69 mi4,715 ft7.0%
Pikes Peak B*tch12.24 mi4,692 ft7.2%
Pikes Peak Toll Road Climb1.00 mi289 ft5.5%
the begining2.95 mi1,378 ft8.8%
Corkscrew Start to Glen3.96 mi2,051 ft9.8%
Pikes Peak - 9% Corkscrew7.01 mi3,356 ft9.1%
Halfway Picnic to Summit (for real)10.07 mi4,252 ft8.0%
pikes peak 27.35 mi2,956 ft7.6%
pikes peak 26.64 mi2,684 ft7.6%
Pikes Peak Toll Road Climb0.70 mi295 ft7.9%
Pikes Peak Toll Road Climb0.71 mi276 ft7.3%
Glen Cove to Pikes Peak Summit6.72 mi2,621 ft7.4%
Alpine attack MM13 to summit6.69 mi2,628 ft7.4%
Treeline6.41 mi2,448 ft7.2%
This is the "Hard".4.57 mi1,519 ft6.3%
Pikes Peak1.10 mi217 ft3.6%
First Breath0.20 mi105 ft9.1%
Downhill tease-- just means more climbing!0.33 mi59 ft-3.2%
Last Breath0.22 mi125 ft10.5%
Pikes Peak - 10% Kicker1.99 mi1,040 ft9.9%
Pikes Peak Toll Rd Climb1.05 mi535 ft9.6%
2012 Pikes Peak Descent12.27 mi4,692 ft-7.2%
Almost all the way down Pikes Peak11.30 mi4,409 ft-7.4%
PPHC descent12.19 mi4,475 ft-7.0%
Pike's Peak Downhill12.01 mi4,406 ft-6.9%
Pikes Peak Switchbacks Technical Descent6.88 mi3,048 ft-8.4%