+ 18 Yellow Route - Easter 2019

Cycling Route

101.97 mi
4,315 ft Sunday 21st April. Yellow Route. 164km / 101 miles.
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Spoke Series
May 3, 2017·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Days Lane (climb)0.43 mi33 ft1.3%
Tea rooms to 4141.36 mi85 ft1.2%
Dovefields Farm (sprint)0.17 mi3 ft0.2%
Dodd's Farm (sprint)0.25 mi-33 ft-2.4%
Rockhill Cottages (sprint)0.37 mi-13 ft-0.5%
Smelly Bash2.15 mi-26 ft0.0%
Spains Hall (sprint)0.31 mi13 ft0.2%
Norton Heath Road (sprint)0.17 mi13 ft1.1%
Manor House (sprint)0.21 mi3 ft0.3%
Stockfield Spring (sprint)0.50 mi7 ft0.1%
Tarrymans Cottage (climb)0.31 mi23 ft1.3%
Birds Green (sprint)0.15 mi-20 ft-2.3%
Levetts Farm (climb)0.18 mi23 ft2.3%
avvin a go0.96 mi-23 ft-0.2%
it's a ramp innit0.23 mi7 ft0.5%
Sail with me2.28 mi79 ft0.4%
50 ft of go on then0.43 mi66 ft2.8%
Blue egg to Missing link4.57 mi-66 ft-0.1%
sprint to the farm0.25 mi30 ft2.1%
TT to GT Leez1.77 mi-39 ft-0.1%
Sprint past the nature reserve0.15 mi30 ft2.8%
Main to Mill0.50 mi39 ft0.4%
Phillip Gilbert Style0.45 mi59 ft2.5%
North (Hill) to South1.98 mi292 ft2.3%
North hill catch up2.44 mi315 ft2.3%
Little Baddow Hill0.93 mi279 ft5.7%
North Hill first bump0.14 mi52 ft6.9%
Lane to Lane0.23 mi95 ft7.9%
North Hill HC0.37 mi131 ft6.5%
Speed away from Danbury0.27 mi-39 ft-2.7%
Max Power to Moor Hall0.11 mi30 ft4.2%
Lets go go0.37 mi23 ft1.1%
moor hall to west hann4.32 mi89 ft0.2%
East Hanningfield Descent1.69 mi-82 ft-0.9%
A130 Berg0.21 mi13 ft0.3%
climb into West Hanningfield0.70 mi46 ft1.2%
Fryerning bump0.17 mi26 ft2.8%
criketers to viper sprint 0.53 mi-23 ft-0.0%
The Ivy Barn Hurt Locker0.15 mi46 ft5.0%
Writtle Wrangle0.49 mi-56 ft-2.1%
Power down to Blackmore3.14 mi-75 ft-0.2%
DEER!0.49 mi-36 ft-1.4%
E81a Mile 81.02 mi46 ft0.4%
Mile 70.99 mi69 ft0.9%
E81A Mile 91.05 mi-59 ft-0.6%
Mile 81.04 mi-66 ft-1.2%
Watch out for that parked lorry!!0.51 mi-26 ft-0.9%
E81a Mile 101.06 mi-20 ft-0.3%
village to jessops0.68 mi-16 ft-0.1%
Tilnar Cycle Challenge - Days Lane Southbound1.32 mi207 ft2.6%