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13.49 km
472 m
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October 6, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Kennedy Rd to top of Blacks3.70 km263 m7.1%
macd bowen cllimb0.15 km55 m36.1%
The GreenRace Black's Link Weekly Community Run12.04 km205 m-0.1%
Bowen - Top of Stairs to Bottom of Hill Slog1.79 km7 m0.4%
Bowen / Blacks - Top of stairs to WNCG5.56 km183 m1.3%
Start of Bowen to Wong Nai Chung Gap5.64 km194 m0.9%
Bowen to wong nai gap loop to stubbs road9.73 km211 m1.0%
山頂道 Climb0.43 km48 m11.2%
山頂道 Climb0.32 km29 m8.9%
Bowen Rd 2nd km West - East0.95 km60 m-1.0%
Bowen Rd Traverse W-E0.98 km13 m-0.9%
山頂道 Climb0.33 km43 m12.9%
山頂道 Climb0.56 km65 m11.6%
Bamboo Grove to Top of Black's Link1.89 km245 m12.9%
Bamboo Grove To Peak Road0.83 km175 m20.9%
Wan Chai Gap Road steepest climb0.21 km64 m30.1%
山頂道 Climb0.57 km99 m17.3%
WanChaiGap(Bowen-Stubbs)0.56 km112 m19.7%
Bowen to top of Black's Link1.58 km172 m10.9%
Wan Chai Gap Road (Bowens to Stubbs - better)0.54 km95 m17.3%
Bowen-PoliceMuseum0.55 km117 m20.9%
Blacks Link - Stubbs Rd to Middle Gap1.52 km105 m2.7%
Black's Link Climb0.95 km47 m4.6%
Blacks Link - Stubbs Rd to Top1.00 km105 m10.5%
FullBlacksLink(StubbsRd->WongNaiChungGap)3.21 km187 m-1.9%
Black'S Link Climb1.01 km69 m6.8%
Wehry Road3.47 km107 m-1.2%
Blacks Lk Run (Tuck Shop to East End)2.38 km54 m0.0%
Black Link's second climb from West0.40 km10 m2.5%
Black'S Link Climb0.36 km37 m10.3%
Blacks Link Downhill to WNCG road1.39 km97 m-6.9%
blacks link climb from wong nai chung gap road0.50 km69 m13.0%
The 2 min hill interval on Blacks Link0.29 km28 m9.6%
Black's Link Full Climb1.31 km95 m7.2%
A 38 B Black'S Link Climb0.44 km58 m13.3%
Black'S Link Climb0.44 km51 m11.6%
Black'S Link Climb0.31 km55 m17.3%
HK Trail from Black's Link (reverse)1.44 km49 m-2.9%
B Middle Gap Rd Climb0.89 km89 m9.9%
Wan Chai Gap part 2 - Descent0.53 km114 m-21.2%
Wan Chai Gap part 2 - Descent0.53 km113 m-21.2%
Peak Road to Bowen down Wanchai Gap0.49 km100 m-20.3%
Flying Down WanChaiGap0.62 km96 m-15.5%
bowen trail to bower dr0.97 km7 m-0.8%
bowen road from wanchai gap1.42 km3 m0.2%
Bowen Rd 3rd Km East to West0.94 km59 m1.5%
HKTR Sprint interval Bowen Drive0.15 km19 m11.1%
Bowen Drive to Borrett Road0.56 km0 m0.0%
Severn Rd Climb0.31 km43 m13.6%
施勳道 Climb0.34 km67 m19.4%