Past Month

Meadow's Edge

Cycling Route

87.21 km
1,357 m
Created By
Durham University Cycling Club

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
New Inn to Roundabout0.34 km7 m1.9%
Potters Bank (full)0.66 km32 m4.7%
Potters Bank Full0.83 km32 m3.7%
now not hazardous ish0.42 km-32 m-7.5%
DCV Youth Hill Repeats0.35 km18 m5.1%
Stonebridge to Broompark0.49 km23 m4.7%
exit ushaw - steep bit 0.21 km10 m4.4%
Ushaw Moor to Langley Park Hill Top turning3.04 km79 m2.2%
Exit Usher Climb0.58 km39 m6.7%
hill sprint special0.32 km15 m4.2%
Esh & Quebec right to the top4.85 km68 m1.4%
Down and Out of Esh0.62 km-36 m-5.7%
Quick road sprint0.74 km12 m1.6%
Longerledge lane3.75 km77 m2.0%
Eliza to Millershill1.75 km30 m1.7%
Knitsley Lane Junction to the A680.61 km16 m2.4%
The Full Comb Bridge Climb3.17 km-111 m-0.4%
Healy down1.03 km-82 m-7.9%
back road breeze2.57 km-34 m-0.1%
B6306 Climb1.25 km80 m6.4%
Edmundbyers Ruffside L4.59 km-36 m-0.2%
b6306 sprint2.11 km11 m0.0%
Bale Hill (first climb)1.18 km95 m8.0%
Dead Friars4.66 km237 m5.1%
Meadows Edge full climb8.05 km250 m2.8%
Bale Hill (second climb)0.78 km77 m9.8%
Bale Hill (third climb)0.88 km63 m7.1%
MEADOWS EDGE TIME TRIAL2.55 km-35 m-1.0%
Crawley Dowhill3.36 km-229 m-6.6%
Stanhope to Stanley, Crook20.12 km149 m0.3%
Stanhope to Wolsingham7.45 km-64 m-0.7%
Stanhope Frosterly time warp3.79 km-40 m-0.7%
Annoying kick up 0.30 km8 m2.6%
wolsingham2bradley burn.3.13 km-15 m-0.5%
Blackhall Cottages Climb1.72 km84 m4.8%
Seven trees rise0.40 km26 m6.4%
Off to Billy Row2.47 km-17 m-0.3%
Last push0.41 km34 m8.4%
Stanley Crook to Oakenshaw Turn0.96 km-31 m-3.2%
Stockley Lane, well nearly!4.61 km-120 m-2.6%
Deerness Valley - Stockley Lane to Wolsingham Road0.81 km-14 m-1.3%
Wolsingham Road to Scripton Gill Road1.30 km7 m0.2%
sawmills to stonebridge2.82 km-46 m-1.5%
Old Police House Lights to Black Road1.01 km-18 m-1.8%
Sports Centre to Mill Road0.37 km-9 m-2.3%
Boyne to Stonebridge0.75 km-40 m-0.8%
Lowes Barn Bank (without running red light)0.44 km32 m7.3%
Lowe's barn kick0.41 km30 m6.9%
Potters Droop0.85 km-25 m-2.7%
Speedy Roundabout0.20 km-11 m-5.5%