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Deeside Loop Sma'Hame

Cycling Route

129.64 mi
7,830 ft
A 130 mile circular cycle route, taking in Cairn O'mount, Banchory, Braemar, Glenshee and Forfar.
Created By
Andy I

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
B961 the fun way.2.22 mi-276 ft-2.3%
Deer Dykes to Hillwood junction sprint.0.97 mi-151 ft-2.9%
Southesk Street climb.0.47 mi92 ft3.6%
Roundabout to Golf Club0.93 mi79 ft1.5%
A90 turnoff to Inchbare1.40 mi-79 ft-1.1%
edzell to fettercairn3.14 mi-82 ft-0.3%
No time to lay a wreath0.35 mi59 ft3.0%
Fettercairn to Clattering Bridge3.41 mi203 ft1.0%
Fettercairn to Cairn O' Mount5.44 mi1,234 ft4.3%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No64 Cairn o' Mount2.04 mi1,060 ft9.8%
Cairn O'Mount South2.08 mi1,050 ft9.5%
Cairn Ruin climb0.48 mi308 ft11.9%
Cafe to car park0.72 mi308 ft8.0%
Section 2 COM1.25 mi646 ft9.8%
COM North Descent2.45 mi-741 ft-5.7%
cairn to bridge of dye3.71 mi-951 ft-4.8%
Glen Dye Descent0.40 mi-197 ft-9.3%
Feuch to Finzean turn1.54 mi85 ft1.1%
Monument Corsedardar1.71 mi384 ft4.2%
Head for Sconage1.12 mi210 ft3.4%
B976 drop in1.41 mi-361 ft-4.4%
Stuka0.73 mi-295 ft-7.6%
ballogie short climb0.47 mi128 ft5.0%
Ballogie to Aboyne Bridge3.11 mi-121 ft-0.4%
B976 Climb0.59 mi39 ft1.2%
Aboyne to Sawmill2.90 mi105 ft0.3%
End Firmounth Rd0.31 mi3 ft0.2%
Dinnet to Balmoral14.64 mi417 ft0.5%
Ballaterach 600 smooth tarmac?0.36 mi46 ft2.3%
Torphantrick Wood S.Deeside rd climb0.29 mi121 ft7.9%
500m Pannanich Wells0.30 mi7 ft0.5%
Pann 200m0.12 mi7 ft1.0%
Dalmochie 400 West0.21 mi10 ft0.8%
Take it eeeasy, take it eeeasy0.76 mi33 ft0.6%
Loch Ullachie Climb (B976)0.74 mi180 ft4.6%
Strathgirnock Descent0.67 mi-135 ft-3.8%
A Scotchman on a horse2.29 mi128 ft1.0%
Descent to Abergeldie castle0.32 mi-69 ft-4.0%
Crathie Braemar8.01 mi-62 ft-0.1%
Old Military Rd Climb2.92 mi735 ft4.8%
Old Military Road Descent0.90 mi-463 ft-9.7%
Spittal to Glenshee Pottery4.75 mi-112 ft-0.2%
Cray to Forter2.21 mi-180 ft-0.1%
junction to 302.53 mi-210 ft-1.2%
Tink!!!!!!!!!!!0.55 mi-82 ft-1.3%
Leg it 1.62 mi49 ft0.2%
Paddy village sprint0.48 mi-13 ft-0.5%
Paddy Straight0.52 mi13 ft0.2%
Arbroath Road TT4.89 mi72 ft0.0%
The easier side of this climb0.75 mi59 ft0.5%