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Turnbull Canyon Ride LV A/B Group

Cycling Route

49.95 mi
2,429 ft
Created By
Lightning Velo

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hill Sprint0.19 mi13 ft1.3%
Back from Eldo0.40 mi10 ft0.1%
Coyote Creek Up & Over0.21 mi-7 ft0.0%
Ball Rd: Bloomfield - Denni0.47 mi-7 ft-0.1%
Ball Rd: Bloomfield to Moody0.93 mi7 ft0.1%
Ball Road - Denni to Moody0.51 mi3 ft0.0%
Painter Climb1.37 mi184 ft2.4%
Painter turn/top turnbull east4.01 mi886 ft4.2%
Painter to Gate0.52 mi79 ft2.9%
Turnbull Canyon Road Hill Climb2.30 mi653 ft5.4%
Turnbull Canyon climb (Beverly Hills Dr. to Skyline Dr.)2.23 mi650 ft5.5%
TURNBULL CYN Road Climb (Gate 2 Gate, AVG Gr. 6%) -z-1.91 mi587 ft5.8%
Under 6 to break The 101.16 mi374 ft6.1%
Turnbull Canyon Road Climb-The Hard Part2.05 mi627 ft5.8%
Turnbull Up & Down East3.61 mi597 ft0.4%
Under 4 to Break 100.78 mi249 ft6.0%
Turnbull Final 3000.19 mi59 ft5.7%
Skyline to Firehouse 1.54 mi-502 ft-6.1%
Down East Turnbull1.60 mi-535 ft-6.3%
SHUT UP LEGS2.48 mi-187 ft-0.7%
COLIMA EXPRESS3.28 mi-190 ft-0.9%
on the way up0.34 mi33 ft1.5%
smooth power0.72 mi-118 ft-3.1%
30+ without even trying :-)0.85 mi-79 ft-1.8%
Fullerton Rd to East Rd1.31 mi131 ft1.5%
Galatina to East1.85 mi371 ft3.8%
Sunrise to Pathfinder0.24 mi33 ft2.5%
EWB KoM #50.84 mi220 ft4.9%
Fullerton Rd plus East Rd3.05 mi-331 ft-0.2%
After Right Turn to end of Fullerton Road0.82 mi282 ft6.4%
02/10/09 Hacienda Heights, CA0.80 mi262 ft6.2%
Fullerton Road Climb0.60 mi200 ft6.3%
East rd to Hacienda Blast2.12 mi-328 ft-2.8%
Richie's roller coaster5.26 mi-531 ft-1.9%
FALSE FAT (not a typo)0.10 mi23 ft4.3%
EWBSprint#20.21 mi-23 ft-1.9%
Hacienda to Solejar0.90 mi89 ft1.7%
Hacienda to Le flore WB1.85 mi108 ft0.2%
West Rd bump up0.63 mi92 ft2.7%
West Rd Descent1.74 mi-272 ft-3.0%
Final West Rd Sprint0.86 mi-161 ft-3.4%
Sprint to Janine0.54 mi-148 ft-5.1%
Colima Hustle! 0.34 mi-49 ft-2.7%
Whittier to Lambert Sprint0.53 mi-62 ft-2.2%
Donut Run0.50 mi-49 ft-1.9%
Bottoms out 0.44 mi-7 ft-0.3%
Artesia to 183rd0.40 mi-7 ft-0.3%
Norwalk Wardlow0.33 mi-0 ft-0.0%
Claremore mini sprint0.18 mi-0 ft-0.1%
Stevely to Studebaker on Wardlow0.33 mi3 ft0.1%