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Bridgnorth Marathon

Running Route

43.22 km
1,038 m
The route experiences many elevation changes challenging the fittest runners. The nine mile run from Bridgnorth out to Ditton Priors is tough enough on its own as there are many hills and twisting roads along the way. But once runners reach the base of the Brown Clee on the edge of Ditton Priors they will be faced with The Incline, a near one mile ascent to the top of the hill where the summit is at 1770 feet (540 metres)! Having reached the top, near the iconic radio masts, the route descends rapidly, across to Burf Bank, then round to Cockshutford. Runners then make their way back round to Bent Lane in Ditton Priors where they rejoin the walk route. Runners should not underestimate the seriousness of the challenge.
Created By
Scott M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Castlefields Climb1.07 km44 m4.0%
Oldbury Wells climb0.33 km14 m4.3%
oldwells climb0.54 km18 m3.3%
Back of Oldbury from by Bypass0.44 km17 m3.3%
B4364 Climb1.13 km55 m4.9%
B4364 Climb1.34 km75 m5.6%
lane too pheasant pub good meal0.25 km8 m3.3%
lanepublane0.48 km9 m1.2%
Stanbroughs Wood Climb1.50 km107 m7.1%
Summit-Pole Covert1.35 km-88 m-6.5%
The Granary Climb0.55 km54 m9.6%
Squirrel Bank0.21 km15 m7.0%