High Country – Tour of Beechworh

Cycling Route

78.61 km
1,234 m
A local classic that gives a 'Black Diamond' rating but don't be turned off by the categorisation. This 80-odd kilometre loop has a little of everything including a lovely cafe stop opportunity in Yakandandah, gentle climbs, fast and open descents plus a challenging climb through the Stanley State Forest – just hard enough to really earn that Beechworth Bakery visit on return to town.
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Cyclist Australia/NZ Magazine

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Horseshoes to Tunnel Gap40.08 km-283 m-0.2%
Horseshoes to Beechworth75.49 km516 m0.0%
horseshoe loop to base of climb52.97 km-283 m-0.5%
Horseshoe to Harper76.24 km-516 m-0.0%
Outta Beechworth Descent3.92 km-187 m-4.7%
Beechworth-Wodonga Road Climb0.79 km127 m15.9%
Silky smooth hotmix1.24 km-27 m-2.2%
Wooragee tired legs hell6.24 km113 m1.8%
Yackandanda Dash4.70 km-174 m-3.7%
Watch out for kars0.44 km-16 m-3.6%
Bridge to Tunnel Gap Peak17.92 km235 m1.3%
Back Ck Outbound9.18 km70 m0.2%
Backcreek-Brurong-Mudgegonga23.81 km201 m0.1%
Before Strava came along this was just another small hill1.46 km51 m3.5%
Drydens To Tunnel Gap6.03 km144 m2.4%
Tunnel Gap Rd 8.02 km-185 m-1.9%
Tunnel Gap to Monument25.11 km505 m1.1%
Tunnel Gap to Stanley Turn Off13.30 km-205 m-1.5%
Hay Maker7.48 km-47 m-0.6%
Full back of Stanley-turnoff to roundabout13.79 km479 m3.1%
Bridge to Forest3.58 km107 m2.9%
Full Myrtleford-Stanley Road Climb10.70 km533 m5.0%
HCC 10PeAks #3 Mt Stanley10.61 km501 m4.7%
Lower slopes Stanley Climb4.81 km137 m2.8%
** Stanley turn off to Stanley turn off22.02 km488 m1.3%
Stanley Climb before it gets steep4.75 km141 m3.0%
The long & windy road10.59 km508 m4.8%
Myrtleford Stanley Rd Climb2.72 km83 m3.1%
Benchmark Stanley Climb: Turn-off to top of hill8.25 km419 m5.1%
Forrest to Top6.95 km395 m5.7%
Stanley Climb - Steep Bit to Monument5.86 km324 m5.5%
Myrtleford Stanley Rd Climb4.20 km296 m7.1%
Dig Deep for real pain1.21 km140 m11.5%
the leg breaker2.93 km248 m8.4%
Myrtleford Stanley Rd Climb0.87 km124 m14.1%
Everestable?0.22 km11 m3.8%
Tin House Corner to Sumit2.77 km89 m3.0%
Apple Juicer0.69 km37 m5.4%
Myrtleford-Stanley rd descent to Stanley2.83 km-60 m-2.1%
Stanley ~ Beechworth8.33 km-196 m-2.0%
Punch it!0.88 km19 m1.5%
The Flier - down to Masons Rd0.85 km-46 m-5.2%
FULL Stanley descent.6.36 km-191 m-2.8%
hurdle flatout to beechworth6.76 km-175 m-2.6%
Stanley Rd Hoot5.96 km-140 m-2.3%
Through the forest1.85 km-69 m-3.4%
Final push0.35 km-5 m-0.8%
Ford St finish from Hodge0.67 km-23 m-3.2%
Sprint to the bridge (only applicable from exiting Stanley Rd!)0.49 km-18 m-3.4%
Trying to beat Derek to the Pub0.17 km1 m0.4%