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Fast 100(50 miler) Final GPX

Running Route

80.92 km
2,545 m
Final Route for the fast 100 (run on February 17th 2019 @ 8 am)
Created By
Jeremy Ritcey

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
A Section of Castle Peak Road1.18 km4 m0.2%
Start of Reverse Mac0.57 km92 m16.0%
Castle Peak Road to start of Mac catchwater0.55 km94 m17.2%
Siu Lun Track Team Warm Up2.01 km73 m3.1%
Cham's Tempo Section4.02 km-41 m-0.9%
MacLehouse Trail 10: M199-1922.66 km-10 m-0.4%
Mac 10 Catchwater - Reverse5.39 km-33 m-0.6%
Gold Coast Catch Water mid section2.69 km36 m0.1%
Maclehose Trail Sec. 10 Climb0.55 km43 m7.8%
Maclehose Trail Sec. 10 Climb0.34 km42 m12.0%
Trail Climb0.67 km83 m12.4%
TLC Road Dash4.49 km-76 m-0.6%
Yuen Tun Country Trail Climb0.48 km62 m12.9%
Tai Lam Tunnel Climb0.51 km41 m7.9%
Kam Ho Rd Climb1.47 km87 m5.9%
Maclehose Trail Sec. 9 Climb0.67 km82 m12.2%
Maclehose Trail Sec. 9 Climb0.48 km45 m9.3%
Kap Lung Forest Trail Climb0.47 km73 m15.6%
Tai Mo Shan - Kiosk to Barrier Climb1.83 km217 m11.8%
Route Twisk Climb0.61 km70 m11.5%
Maclehose Trail Sec. 8 Climb0.30 km41 m13.3%
Lung Mun Runway3.72 km104 m1.0%
Lung Mun Country Trail Climb0.59 km70 m11.8%
Lung Mun Country Trail Climb0.30 km41 m13.4%
Lung Mun Country Trail Climb0.44 km44 m9.9%
4Aces Shing Mun Reservior Sec1 (2.3km)2.38 km35 m1.4%
Shing Mun jogging trail - Wilson 74.50 km34 m0.8%
4Aces Shing Mun Reservior Sec2 (2.8km)2.86 km57 m0.1%
Shing Mun Reservoir Jogging Trail Climb0.45 km42 m9.1%
Shing Mun Reservoir Jogging Trail Climb0.48 km41 m8.6%
4Aces Shing Mun Reservior Sec3 (1.3km)1.27 km38 m1.6%
Reverse Lung Mun Country Trail 4.82 km192 m3.1%
Lung Mun Country Trail Climb0.87 km166 m18.9%
Lung Mun Country Trail Climb0.52 km50 m9.6%
Lung Mun Country Trail Climb0.98 km74 m7.5%
Lung Mun Country Trail Climb0.68 km64 m9.3%
Maclehose Trail Sec. 8 Climb1.04 km129 m12.3%
Maclehose Trail Sec. 8 Climb0.51 km50 m9.7%
OTW CP8-CP99.57 km-483 m-4.4%
oxfam99.72 km-459 m-4.0%
Mac 97.03 km-339 m-3.4%
Kap Lung Forest Trail Climb0.46 km52 m11.3%
錦河路 Climb0.52 km46 m8.8%
John Ellis Loves to Walk Down Hills1.32 km-141 m-10.3%
Fred's Flash5.36 km45 m0.2%
Maclehose Trail Sec. 10 Climb0.36 km116 m31.5%
Maclehose Trail Sec. 10 Climb0.62 km40 m6.4%
Maclehose Trail Sec. 10 Climb0.34 km41 m12.0%
Lift the pace0.64 km2 m0.2%