Immortal Classic Bike Route

Cycling Route

44.93 km
826 m
Created By
Jody F

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bryant's Hill Climb0.24 km78 m31.8%
Wimbleball is Immortal 2018 Cycle Loop43.25 km-286 m-0.0%
Blagdon lane-Bottom to Top4.35 km104 m2.4%
Pah Poh Pah Poh3.26 km33 m0.8%
Goosemoor Cross to HeathPoult Cross2.68 km21 m0.6%
Make it count13.63 km-286 m-2.1%
Heath Poult to top of Bury Hill8.55 km-119 m-1.4%
The Down13.83 km-286 m-2.1%
Coumbeshead Hill0.61 km29 m4.7%
Bury Hill Descent2.25 km-153 m-6.8%
Bury Hill Decent2.05 km-103 m-5.0%
Bury Hill Hot Drop (The Sizzla)1.43 km-110 m-7.7%
Now for the UP!20.97 km270 m0.8%
bypassing bury1.11 km-23 m-1.7%
Blight's Hill1.04 km73 m7.0%
The UP!16.66 km265 m1.6%
don't make a mountain out of a mole hill2.34 km70 m0.6%
Pylon Hill1.11 km68 m5.6%
Blight's Hill descent1.41 km-61 m-4.3%
test3.85 km128 m2.4%
Morebath Hill1.77 km37 m1.3%
Timewell Hill Climb5.45 km188 m3.4%
Timewell Hill6.23 km192 m3.1%
timewell1.71 km104 m6.0%
Climb to Haddon Cross3.30 km140 m4.2%
Timewell Hill0.87 km91 m10.5%
Escaping Devon.0.63 km67 m10.5%
Haddon Hill0.86 km60 m6.2%
Hadden Drag8.36 km117 m0.8%
Upton plunge1.55 km-69 m-4.3%
Castle Cottages Climb0.44 km82 m18.5%
The drag from hell5.91 km132 m2.2%
Lowtrow Cross drag to Wimbleball turning4.14 km101 m2.4%
ride in to T26.06 km-148 m-2.1%
Off the B31900.54 km-19 m-2.9%
Down to T24.74 km-142 m-3.0%
IM turn to Wimbleball turn4.83 km-141 m-2.0%
Descent to the bridge4.27 km-132 m-2.5%
Down towards Wimbleball1.22 km-71 m-5.8%
Bombin to the Bridge2.10 km-112 m-5.3%
Too late for shoes0.88 km24 m1.7%