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Bredon Hill

Cycling Route

20.84 km
542 m
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Ian C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Kemerton Road Climb1.25 km109 m8.7%
Bells Castle road climb0.84 km97 m11.5%
Top of Kemerton0.86 km87 m10.1%
Kemerton climb1.68 km160 m9.4%
Ovverbury Wood Climb2.90 km175 m6.0%
Kermerton Climb Steep Section0.47 km63 m13.2%
Kemerton Offroad Steep Section0.18 km21 m11.4%
top wood0.52 km-60 m-11.3%
The Raven Ridewear DH1.20 km-141 m-11.6%
Mockit0.48 km-65 m-13.5%
Bredon Middle School drag0.73 km18 m2.5%
Cotton's Climb0.65 km52 m7.9%
Napp Coppice Haul2.82 km210 m7.4%
Cottons Lane to Tower4.97 km209 m4.1%
Cottons Lane Climb4.97 km209 m4.1%
Shaw Green to Top of No Brakes0.97 km99 m10.2%
Up from farm to first gate.0.40 km61 m15.1%
ridgeline reverse1.86 km74 m3.5%
Ridgeline climb to tower3.97 km88 m2.0%
Ariel singletrack reverse0.97 km7 m0.5%
Steep field0.34 km13 m3.7%
Bredon Tower Decent - Top Section0.86 km-41 m-4.7%
Westmancote descent3.89 km-241 m-6.2%
Bredon Hill Wooded Singletrack Descent0.57 km-21 m-3.7%
Wooded singletrack descent (with finish before gate)0.54 km-20 m-3.7%
DH wood section0.45 km-16 m-3.4%
Green field blast to gate0.70 km-55 m-7.8%
Fast left into turns 0.18 km-19 m-10.1%
Westmancote track top section.0.60 km-37 m-5.8%
Final Descent - With new gate in place on final track0.52 km-60 m-11.5%
Westmancote Descent (from final gate to main road)1.49 km-95 m-6.4%