Ironman Austria NEW bike route 2019

Cycling Route

176.45 km
1,664 m
178km | 1420m asc, 1420m desc | 626m max. | 13% max. The new route starts from the transition area towards Krumpendorf via the Hallegger Teiche and Wölfnitz to Lendorf. Following the motorway to St. Veit an der Glan via Kraig am See back to Moosburg passing Feldkirchen and Oberglan. Across Krumpendorf you will reach again the transition area and issue to the well-known 90km loop beside the Wörthersee south shore via Maria Wörth, Velden to lake Faaker See. Back to Rosegg and Velden you will reach Rupertiberg followed by Ludmannsdorf and Köttmannsdorf until you will be finish at Klagenfurt.
Created By
Christian R

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
The Burner0.41 km11 m2.5%
Überfeld2.20 km106 m4.8%
Zensweg Downhill 0.58 km-56 m-9.6%
St. Veit - Liebenfels5.64 km19 m0.2%
Liebenfels to Feldkirchen TT15.43 km75 m0.4%
St. Martin - Feldkirchen - B943.02 km18 m0.5%
Lindl Climb1.53 km43 m2.8%
L74 Tuderschitz climb0.76 km48 m6.3%
Tuderschitz- last stitch0.72 km22 m1.5%
end Krumpendorf-begin Klagenfurt1.38 km-3 m-0.1%
IM AUSTRIA 2018 Round84.61 km239 m0.0%
Maiernigg_Hügerl0.47 km14 m3.0%
Süduferstraße: Maiernigg0.43 km21 m3.2%
im klagenfurt I climb1.61 km64 m3.6%
MariaWörth-KapWörth8.28 km-21 m-0.1%
L96 Velden Climb4.84 km50 m0.9%
Sudeferstabe climb1.08 km8 m0.8%
Selpritsch Anstieg 2nd Part0.84 km24 m2.8%
Rosegger Straße Downhill1.18 km-60 m-4.1%
im klagenfurt II climb2.16 km58 m2.7%
TT vollgas 4.10 km51 m0.1%
KARS0.36 km24 m6.5%
TT2km2.02 km-15 m-0.7%
Ribnig ascent until traffic mirror0.76 km54 m7.1%
auffe zum Faakersee1.12 km79 m7.0%
Faakerseeclimb - Mallenitzen7.20 km112 m1.5%
im klagenfurt III climb1.12 km74 m6.4%
Vals Plat IM Faaker See5.18 km49 m0.9%
Ledenitzen2.10 km13 m0.5%
Speeeeeed... Ledenitzen->St.Peter4.98 km-125 m-2.5%
St.Peter->Rosegg4.45 km28 m0.3%
Rosegger Straße1.28 km44 m3.4%
Rosegger uphill sprint0.58 km32 m5.5%
Rosegger Roundabout R3 Climb1.24 km-30 m-1.2%
Selpritschdrücker0.36 km12 m3.2%
Kackshaeven2.56 km53 m2.1%
IM klagenfurt IV climb3.37 km91 m2.6%
AUGSDORF0.66 km23 m2.3%
Augsdorf-Schiefling climb1.50 km45 m2.9%
IM klagenfurt V climb2.88 km145 m5.0%
Saint Ruperti2.39 km162 m6.8%
Rupertinger2.35 km149 m6.3%
Rupertiberg descend4.37 km-132 m-3.0%
Lukowitz 8 Climb1.59 km81 m5.1%
Iron Descent20.10 km-223 m-1.1%
OLD VERSION - Ludmannsdorf (HB Gasser) -> Lambichl12.10 km-105 m-0.5%
Fellersdorf Climb1.21 km42 m3.4%
Karawankenblick 9 Climb1.66 km97 m5.8%
Lambichl - Klagenfurter Stadtgrenze2.65 km-61 m-2.2%
Südring: McDonald's -> Stadion2.86 km3 m0.1%