Past Two Weeks

Dulwich Paragon Winter Chain Gang Route

Cycling Route

46.53 km
451 m
Created By
Stephen Sorba

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
triangle to bridge sprint0.56 km5 m0.8%
DP Winter Chaingang46.47 km142 m0.2%
Push it!1.74 km20 m1.2%
bridge - pool2.65 km30 m1.1%
Lloyds Way to Links Way1.47 km17 m1.0%
beckenham rd rev0.88 km10 m1.2%
The Pool to Le Bicycle 0.43 km10 m2.3%
Wood Lodge Lane Climb0.41 km5 m1.0%
DP winter chaingang - first hill0.45 km27 m6.0%
A21 Princess Royal Climb0.44 km13 m3.0%
starts to rush4.39 km-32 m-0.2%
A21 Sprint of Legends2.36 km-30 m-1.1%
Up to the Green0.38 km19 m4.9%
Lock her in the big dog !2.72 km36 m1.3%
Side roads past Knockholt to Wheatsheaf Hill1.79 km30 m1.7%
Watercroft to OLR - upslope1.20 km27 m2.2%
Polhill - M25 Bridge to Roundabout2.80 km61 m1.8%
Polhill LVG1.48 km53 m3.6%
TT start to RAB1.32 km-11 m-0.8%
Steep bit0.88 km-25 m-2.9%
Rolling Roundabouts 5.13 km-77 m-1.5%
Old London road blast1.10 km-23 m-2.0%
Broke Hill Fly By0.75 km-12 m-1.1%
Sally's sprint0.28 km-3 m-1.1%
Cardiac dash (cardiac corner to A and E)5.21 km40 m0.1%
Cudham TT Third Leg1.59 km-16 m-1.0%
Dave spanks the T-8001.12 km-13 m-1.1%
Sprint to the G0.41 km-10 m-2.4%
High Street Climb0.36 km86 m23.8%
Green Man Gallop0.70 km7 m0.0%
Farnborough Hill - Roundabout to Village Sign0.42 km16 m3.8%
Bye Bye Bag End0.24 km9 m3.8%
Farnborough Hill High Street1.47 km31 m2.1%
Bus Stop Sprint 0.20 km10 m5.0%
Farnborough race 0.47 km5 m0.7%
Village Light to Wellbrook Rd0.63 km16 m1.6%
Farnborough to Bromley5.35 km-72 m-1.0%
Village Lights to Chapter One1.08 km-9 m-0.0%
last hill1.04 km-32 m-3.1%
Commute Sprint0.58 km-7 m-1.2%
Masons downhill0.23 km-4 m-1.6%
Dobrrobeju1.22 km-14 m-1.1%
journey to work 21.75 km17 m0.9%
Penge High St lights to top of CPPR lights1.82 km70 m3.8%
Treeless Trees0.38 km10 m2.7%
A234 Penge Lane to Thicket Road0.60 km22 m3.6%
Crystal Palace Park Rd1.58 km64 m4.0%
CPPR Uphill0.97 km46 m4.7%
Sydenham Ave to top0.84 km41 m4.7%
Crystal Palace Park climb0.47 km27 m5.6%