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QR25 from Eltuck

Running Route

24.73 mi
5,461 ft
Created By
Ed D

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Sawmill Trail Climb0.52 mi180 ft6.5%
short sawmill climb0.30 mi128 ft6.7%
Nomad to Loggers HP1.64 mi705 ft8.1%
Quad Rock (reroute) climb #12.60 mi1,263 ft9.2%
Sawmill climb to Stout1.05 mi492 ft8.9%
Carey Springs Climb0.48 mi223 ft8.8%
Spring Creek Trail Climb0.80 mi472 ft11.1%
Dicke Schlange0.11 mi98 ft16.3%
Upper Deck0.16 mi46 ft5.2%
Pete's Capris0.15 mi121 ft14.3%
Spring Creek Trail Climb0.21 mi138 ft12.2%
Rollin' Coal0.10 mi33 ft5.8%
Stairway to Hell0.15 mi108 ft13.8%
Quad Rock (reroute) descent #14.19 mi-1,168 ft-4.9%
Spring Creek descent, Towers to Herrington1.06 mi-614 ft-10.9%
Stout Trail Climb0.38 mi217 ft10.7%
Herrington down (Spring Creek to Stout)1.35 mi-456 ft-3.7%
Down Triple Layer0.98 mi-476 ft-9.1%
Bridge > Turn0.52 mi180 ft5.7%
W County Road 38 E Climb0.55 mi177 ft5.4%
Horsetooth Rock Climb - Road1.91 mi971 ft9.6%
Red Cliff Rd Climb2.23 mi1,119 ft9.5%
S. Ridge to HTRT Intersection0.55 mi282 ft9.5%
South Ridge Trail Climb0.27 mi151 ft10.4%
Westridge (S>N)1.42 mi253 ft0.9%
Red Canyon Ranch Rd Climb0.28 mi243 ft16.0%
Mill Creek (Towers to Loggers)1.77 mi-764 ft-8.1%
Quad Rock descent #23.37 mi-1,253 ft-7.0%
Mill Creek Descent - Towers to South Valley3.17 mi-1,325 ft-7.9%
Quad Rock climb #32.02 mi971 ft9.1%
Lower Arthur's Ascent0.57 mi292 ft9.7%
Mill Creek Link Climb0.45 mi164 ft6.8%
Howard switchbacks1.28 mi719 ft10.2%
Howard to Timber2.03 mi748 ft6.9%
Steller Ridge Rd Climb0.37 mi171 ft8.7%
Red Cedar Dr Climb0.28 mi148 ft9.7%
Quad Rock descent #33.57 mi-1,112 ft-5.9%
Upper Timber Decent1.41 mi-702 ft-9.4%
Timber descent3.18 mi-1,168 ft-7.0%
Full Timber descent3.60 mi-1,207 ft-6.3%
Timber descent from Kimmons to TH1.86 mi-486 ft-4.8%
Lower Timber Descent - Horseshoe to West Valley1.48 mi-545 ft-6.9%