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Alexander, LV Wash, Stewart, Alta CW

Cycling Route

31.52 mi
853 ft
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LVVBC Strava
February 26, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
On the Decline of Soaring Gulls0.50 mi-207 ft-7.6%
Canyon Springs School Zone Sprint0.24 mi-43 ft-3.3%
Climb to the Top of the Bridge - Eastbound0.46 mi30 ft0.7%
A Bridge Too Far (Over River Vegas) Southbound1.83 mi-69 ft-0.7%
This is a long A$$ bridge 0.38 mi-46 ft-0.9%
All Washed Up0.48 mi-10 ft-0.4%
Sheep on the other side0.31 mi-10 ft-0.6%
WB Cedar Wash Stage 10.31 mi10 ft0.4%
WB Cedar Wash Stage 20.23 mi7 ft0.4%
WB Cedar Wash Stage 30.25 mi3 ft0.3%
WB Cedar Wash Stage 40.48 mi3 ft0.2%
WB Cedar Wash Stage 50.18 mi7 ft0.6%
WB Cedar Wash Stage 60.28 mi13 ft0.8%
Stewart Ave Climb0.87 mi128 ft2.8%
Only a Bit0.13 mi26 ft3.8%
Stewart Smalley0.12 mi30 ft4.5%
Grand Central - Main to bonneville0.82 mi30 ft0.3%
Bonneville/Alta - Grand Central to MLK0.29 mi10 ft0.6%
Alta West - MLK to Shadow Lane0.24 mi7 ft0.5%
Outlet Mall to Upland (Alta)3.16 mi230 ft1.4%
Alta West - Shadow Ln to Tonopah0.24 mi10 ft0.9%
Alta West - Short Shot from Tonopah to Rancho0.13 mi7 ft1.2%
Alta West - Rancho to Campbell0.58 mi26 ft0.9%
Alta West - Campbell to Valley View0.50 mi33 ft1.3%
Alta West - Valley View to Decatur0.73 mi52 ft1.3%
Alta Hill (Decatur to Upland)0.60 mi79 ft2.5%
Alta West - Decatur to Upland0.62 mi82 ft2.4%
Lung Burner0.40 mi62 ft2.9%
The Alta Hill 0.24 mi52 ft3.9%
Alta 11% Hill--East St to Falcon0.11 mi39 ft6.8%
Alta West - Upland to Jones0.32 mi13 ft0.7%
Alta West - Jones to Torrey Pines0.49 mi43 ft1.7%
Alta West - Torrey Pines to Rainbow0.60 mi62 ft2.0%
Alta West - Rainbow to Antelope0.34 mi36 ft1.9%
Tenaya North Westcliff to Bill Briar Park0.34 mi-7 ft-0.4%
Lone Mtn trail Washington to Vegas Dr0.49 mi-20 ft-0.8%
Emils Detnuc0.25 mi36 ft2.7%