Oso Blanco to Indian Springs

Cycling Route

63.88 mi
1,426 ft
includes a stop at Paiute on the way back
Created By
LVVBC Strava

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
oso blanco2.83 mi207 ft1.4%
DON’T CRACK 🤯0.89 mi36 ft0.8%
West Frontage Northbound1.34 mi128 ft1.7%
West frontage Final Sprint0.65 mi13 ft0.2%
Short Cut6.02 mi154 ft0.3%
General Zod10.40 mi407 ft0.6%
Hwy 95 Paiute to Indian Springs23.54 mi449 ft0.1%
Corn creek climb1.35 mi141 ft2.0%
2nd hill11.17 mi272 ft0.3%
Cold Creek to Indian Springs7.12 mi-112 ft-0.1%
Indian Springs to Cold Creek7.14 mi115 ft0.1%
Hwy 95 from Lee Canyon to Snow Mtn10.15 mi-443 ft-0.7%
Interval 1 Southbound on 955.86 mi-413 ft-1.3%
Climb out at Warp Speed5.53 mi-174 ft-0.3%
Paiute Dr. overpass Sprint0.06 mi10 ft3.2%
Rusty Taco5.69 mi-325 ft-1.1%
Oso Blanco Decent2.72 mi-213 ft-1.5%
West Frontage Southbound1.33 mi-118 ft-1.5%
Frontage to Durango0.60 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Farm to Durango sprint0.32 mi-3 ft-0.1%
Farm to Durango sprint0.32 mi-3 ft-0.1%