Honeymoon - Robertsons | Yo-Yo

Running Route

5.36 km
272 m
Created By
Tim Locke
February 28, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Honeymoon Track (to top of stairs)1.00 km92 m9.1%
Honeymoon Up1.03 km110 m10.7%
Service Trail Climb1.10 km99 m8.9%
Down Honeymoon 1.06 km106 m-10.0%
Top of Honeys to Top of Robbos2.40 km131 m0.5%
Honeymoon Down1.05 km113 m-10.7%
It's all downhill from there.1.13 km108 m-9.5%
scuba dive0.96 km90 m-9.3%
Wolfgangs challenge 0.19 km39 m19.7%
St Wolfgang0.74 km106 m14.2%
Long Robbos0.77 km132 m15.4%
Robbos Short Hill Up0.28 km69 m24.4%
Long Robbos Up N Down1.50 km128 m0.0%
Robbos Long Down0.75 km129 m-16.6%
Short Robbos Hill Down0.29 km69 m-23.5%