MWCC West Head Road Race Lap

Cycling Route

21.7 km
395 m
This is 1 lap of the MWCC Road Race starting at Elvina Track car park, riding out to Resolute Picnic Area turn around, before returning to Elvina Track.
Created By
Manly Warringah CC

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
MWCC SC TT (shortened)21.64 km-64 m-0.0%
'Get your motor running..'0.95 km24 m0.6%
Huling PIGA0.47 km28 m5.7%
It's not over till you're over!0.28 km22 m8.0%
MP - West Head Lap out10.65 km64 m0.1%
MWCC West Head Road Race, Last KM0.81 km-21 m-1.4%
West Head out (short)10.31 km57 m0.2%
MWCC Road Race Final 250m0.34 km9 m2.4%
Finish at MWCC West Head RR0.37 km10 m2.7%
WESTY2.69 km-47 m-0.7%
Waratah Climb0.61 km24 m4.0%
MWCC West Head Road Race, Last 100m0.12 km4 m3.0%
Car Park to End9.82 km61 m0.1%
WTC WH ITT Elvina19.71 km-59 m0.0%
Car Park to Car Park19.56 km-61 m-0.0%
Top to Toilet8.69 km-58 m-0.1%
The hard bit7.35 km55 m0.5%
Salvation Loop to Willunga1.07 km46 m4.3%
Salvation Loop Climb0.99 km45 m4.5%
Willunga Climb0.56 km32 m5.7%
STG Willunga Track West Head TT out6.49 km-59 m-0.1%
Topham Climb0.19 km11 m5.3%
Challenger Climb0.33 km15 m4.4%
Basin Climb0.29 km9 m2.8%
There's a snake in my boot!0.53 km25 m3.1%
Speedy West Head Desent0.44 km20 m2.9%
Loopy Loops smashed1.19 km35 m2.4%
The Wall0.36 km23 m5.6%
Westhead final climb heading out0.99 km35 m3.5%
Westhead final climb heading out0.99 km35 m3.5%
West Head - Hill of Pain0.20 km25 m12.5%
HOC0.35 km28 m8.1%
Two Hills0.81 km29 m3.6%
The Wall Out0.77 km26 m3.4%
West Head - final hill to toilets0.41 km19 m4.7%
West Head Final Pinch Out0.23 km15 m6.7%
STG Willunga Track West Head TT return6.48 km58 m0.1%
West Head Crest (heading home)0.16 km11 m6.4%
West Head Hill of pain (descent)0.19 km-19 m-9.5%
Max Speed test0.23 km-10 m-3.6%
EMCTT27.99 km59 m0.3%
America Climb0.28 km15 m5.4%
Tre Colli2.14 km51 m2.4%
Bairne Climb0.28 km20 m7.2%
Towlers Climb0.32 km20 m6.2%
Full Gas1.21 km-51 m-3.8%
Salvation 🔺 to Salvation 🔻 (return leg)0.81 km22 m2.2%
Salvation to Waratah Climb1.78 km47 m2.7%
Elvina pinch0.38 km16 m4.3%
Elivina climb0.38 km18 m4.8%