Mountain Ranger Run and Ride 34k Bike course

Cycling Route

19.57 mi
2,601 ft
Created By
Sarah S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
FS141 - Montgomery Creek Ranger Camp to 28-15.40 mi-331 ft-0.4%
Casino Boogie To MontgCreek1.90 mi-171 ft-1.6%
Casino Boogie Montg Creek 3rd DH1.32 mi-240 ft-3.3%
No Tell - 223P2.11 mi217 ft1.5%
The Danny Jarrard Loop11.38 mi-541 ft-0.0%
No Tell Climb to Red Sign Plateau0.50 mi233 ft8.6%
No-Tell Steep Climb 0.12 mi82 ft12.7%
NEW Top of No Tell DH to FS road1.15 mi-180 ft-2.9%
NEW No-Tell DH Singletrack0.61 mi-200 ft-5.7%
Turner Creek First Half0.73 mi-128 ft-3.1%
NEW Jones Creek Ridge Climb0.57 mi230 ft7.4%
FS77 Jones Creek Ridge FS771.86 mi-427 ft-1.0%
Mossy Jones DH1.11 mi-384 ft-6.5%
Jones Creek DH Pt10.47 mi-203 ft-8.0%
Moss Creek Segment 10.85 mi-128 ft-1.5%
Miss Creek Connector to 770.72 mi-131 ft-1.1%
Moss Creek DH#1 to Creek0.77 mi-141 ft-3.3%
Moss Branch Trail (Fool's Gold)1.38 mi-141 ft-0.8%
Beaver Pond DH0.70 mi-138 ft-3.7%
Moss Creek0.72 mi-66 ft-0.7%
Moss Branch Connector0.51 mi85 ft3.2%
Black Branch - 223N/223O2.92 mi-210 ft-0.2%
Intersection to Creek0.80 mi-230 ft-5.3%
Black Branch CCW - FR to Connector2.51 mi249 ft0.2%
Black Branch CCW DH Singletrack to Creek0.65 mi-230 ft-6.2%
2016 B.Branch CCW > Creek0.45 mi-164 ft-6.8%
Black Branch CCW DH0.46 mi-144 ft-5.8%
Black Branch CCW (Singletrack start to FS-28)2.65 mi269 ft0.6%
Black Branch CCW - The climb out0.63 mi115 ft3.4%
Black Branch to Wahsega gravel rd DH1.81 mi-236 ft-2.2%
Casino Boogie FS281.16 mi-233 ft-3.6%
Hightower Church Rd Climb0.71 mi269 ft7.1%