Grove Grind Colo: Chillers Loop

Cycling Route

63.5 km
964 m
Created By
Dave M
April 4, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Putty to Colo12.19 km23 m0.1%
Lot 36 Colo Heights Rd Climb0.80 km85 m10.5%
Colo river to heights5.64 km248 m4.4%
Please end2.49 km166 m6.7%
Colo Heights Rd Climb1.03 km88 m8.5%
Wheelbarrow Tar to Track10.94 km89 m-0.6%
Wheelbarrow Ridge Track reverse8.58 km78 m-0.6%
Feel the burn in the forearms!1.82 km144 m-7.0%
Pedal Dammit 0.50 km85 m-16.7%
West Portland Rd2.32 km97 m4.1%
Colo Heaven… 9.63 km99 m-0.9%