Abbey Loop_25mi_2374ft

Cycling Route

25.13 mi
2,374 ft
Created By
Leighton P

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
dynamos to whitland6.04 mi-322 ft-0.8%
Crem to Whit4.82 mi-308 ft-1.2%
Crem Downhill 0.28 mi-131 ft-8.4%
Lanmill Bump0.41 mi112 ft5.0%
Lampeter Descent0.57 mi-105 ft-3.5%
Like a bat out of Velfrey0.57 mi164 ft5.4%
Troed y rhiw up to High St0.47 mi154 ft6.2%
Kennels Descent0.70 mi-233 ft-6.3%
The long flog to the top4.22 mi558 ft2.5%
Up Through Whitland0.81 mi108 ft2.4%
Up Out Of Whitland0.86 mi135 ft3.0%
North Road Climb0.74 mi266 ft6.8%
Abbey 2 stage2.39 mi476 ft3.7%
Ffosargoed Climb0.96 mi289 ft5.7%
Ffynnon Foida Climb0.81 mi246 ft5.7%
Piccadilly Climb0.93 mi351 ft7.1%
Llanboidy Climb0.61 mi289 ft8.9%
Hammer Time!!!2.90 mi-256 ft-0.7%
Dash Past the Plash1.33 mi-344 ft-4.9%
Llanfallteg0.35 mi102 ft4.9%
Speedy 0.20 mi-49 ft-4.5%
A478 to A40 climb0.89 mi184 ft3.7%
cool down hill0.58 mi89 ft2.8%
Narberth to Dynos Car Park0.38 mi89 ft4.3%