YGR Gravel 26: Lory, Horsetooth, Dams

Cycling Route

18.17 mi
1,668 ft
The greatest race in the county.
Created By
Dan Porter- YGR
April 22, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lory Entrance to Arthur's Rock Parking Lot2.36 mi184 ft0.7%
South Valley Loop West Side1.22 mi115 ft-1.6%
ToC (2018) Transition 2-31.53 mi108 ft-1.3%
Shorline Fast Section0.56 mi98 ft-3.2%
Last Climb on Shoreline0.22 mi89 ft7.4%
W Co Rd 38E, from Shoreline Dr east to summit0.98 mi180 ft3.3%
L2L Mile 151.03 mi171 ft2.9%
38E - Blue Sky to Parking Lot climb eastbound0.56 mi177 ft5.9%
Lookout Climb (blue sky to lookout parking lot)0.55 mi151 ft5.2%
Perch Hogback from HT0.54 mi167 ft5.9%
CO 38E Campsites to Centennial1.82 mi43 ft0.1%
Power Mile Practice Run1.04 mi33 ft-0.0%
Triple Horsetooth5.33 mi266 ft0.4%
Dams South to North5.43 mi299 ft-0.2%
Maniac - Just to the signpost0.59 mi223 ft7.0%
Real Maniac Hill0.61 mi223 ft6.8%
Maniac Hill0.76 mi223 ft5.3%
Dam Hills - South to North4.94 mi223 ft0.4%
Maniac PAIN Section0.13 mi85 ft12.2%
Suicide Turn0.79 mi223 ft-4.9%
Soldier Hill0.65 mi269 ft7.6%
SH climb proper0.51 mi226 ft8.3%
Real Soldier Hill0.54 mi233 ft8.2%
sh wall0.33 mi200 ft11.3%
Steep Soldier0.03 mi66 ft36.9%
Soldier Hill Summit to North Dam Going North - Descending2.15 mi233 ft-2.1%
North Dam going north0.50 mi148 ft5.3%
Over the rail shoreline trail0.32 mi105 ft5.8%
Down the Wall0.50 mi279 ft-10.5%
Actual North Dam Descent0.90 mi322 ft-6.7%
well hey there.0.23 mi56 ft4.7%
Poplar Dr Climb1.26 mi262 ft3.9%