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Naramata Nevermind

Cycling Route

49.61 km
796 m
Past The Bench, past the cemetery, all the way out to Indian Rock. Then drop into Naramata via Gultch. Climb out via Old Main Road. Back track to Penticton and roll by The Bench before hitting Lakeshore Drive
Created By
Velocity Cycling Club

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Vancouver Ave. Climb1.20 km67 m5.6%
Bench climb from Abbott to Tupper1.10 km57 m5.2%
Hard Climb Lower Bench Road0.33 km24 m7.2%
Naramata road to fire station (North) 9.87 km-51 m-0.2%
PACA Tuesday Time Trial11.90 km-52 m-0.2%
Chute15.34 km132 m0.6%
Where are the Wineries?7.11 km41 m0.2%
Laughing Stock to Naramata Turn Off6.03 km40 m0.6%
Naramata Turn Off to Sun Rock4.02 km-55 m-0.8%
Naramata hill sprint0.43 km17 m3.8%
Jr.Camp benchmarking ITT6.39 km121 m1.2%
Naramata: Smethurst -> Chute6.19 km112 m1.2%
N Naramata Rd Climb1.29 km84 m6.5%
Up to chute LK. Rd.3.15 km113 m3.5%
N Naramata Rd Climb1.67 km97 m5.8%
Mc Phee Rd Climb1.64 km103 m6.3%
Whole Ol' Main Road Climb1.23 km93 m7.5%
Old Main Road, Naramata0.89 km76 m8.5%
Old Main Rd to Roundabout11.97 km-117 m-0.8%
Hit it or quit it0.38 km17 m4.4%
winery climb2.34 km36 m1.5%
Three Mile Road to Ohlhausen Sprint0.48 km10 m2.1%
Woohoo, naramatta rd descent2.94 km-74 m-2.5%
Poplar Grove to Van Horne1.84 km-91 m-4.9%
Vancouver Descent Bench to Ellis St1.11 km-65 m-5.8%