From Skiathea to Kechria

Cycling Route

20.57 km
460 m
Hard difficulty level Discover the wild beauty of Kechria area! From Skiathea Villas you turn left, after 600m at the crossroad you turn right and start descending for about 700m till you reach Platanias valley. Then turn left and continue on ascending for about 2,5km where you take the right direction on the cross road. You proceed straight ahead and after about 4km, having already descended, you turn right and continue till you reach Lygaries beach in 1km. Have some rest here at this beautifully secluded beach, there is also a seaside taverna, or you can move till Kechria beach at Argyris fish taverna and the idyllic atmosphere. On your way back you turn again right after 1 km and continue ascending having panoramic views of the western coast line and Katigiorgis fish village opposite in Pelion mountain. You cross Small Aselinos beach, a must-visit, but careful only accesible via several steps, and proceed till you reach Panagia Kounistra Monastery. Then you continue on the asphalt descending road till you reach Troulos junction (bus stop 18), turn left on Koukounaries-Skiathos main road and after 400m left again for the final ascend of Koumarorrachi hill. Welcome again to Skiathea Villas!
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