'Trons Monday

Cycling Route

21.78 mi
1,814 ft
Created By
Jonathan McKaskey (VSRT)
May 18, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Greenville/Patterson Pass to Alt Pass Rd1.48 mi-26 ft-0.4%
Altamont Pass - Eastbound7.83 mi-449 ft-0.6%
Altamont Pass Rd at Greenville to Top of PattersonPass (Eastside)16.12 mi1,322 ft1.2%
Leadout1.30 mi85 ft1.2%
Altamont Pass climb - EB3.74 mi177 ft0.7%
Trons PP Circuit20.00 mi1,391 ft0.1%
Bridge to Carroll1.31 mi115 ft1.6%
Caroll to 1st Hill Sprint3.33 mi-207 ft-1.0%
Carrol to Midway 7mi TT6.70 mi-525 ft-1.3%
Altamont Pass Road Climb0.74 mi315 ft8.0%
Altamont TT Descent4.43 mi-446 ft-1.9%
Old Altamont Sprint1.08 mi-164 ft-2.5%
Tailwind time trial3.42 mi-289 ft-1.6%
Altamont Hill Climb: Bottom to Top0.23 mi33 ft2.0%
Flying to Tracy3.54 mi-354 ft-1.8%
The last Old Altamont Sprint0.17 mi-13 ft-1.6%
Red Kite Crossfire Hurricane TT8.14 mi1,299 ft2.9%
Grant Line - Old Altamont to Midway0.45 mi-36 ft-0.8%
Midway Hump N to S1.00 mi197 ft3.7%
Reverse Midway Bump0.85 mi180 ft3.7%
Midway Bump from Raceway0.45 mi138 ft5.6%
Raceway to Midway Summit0.44 mi138 ft5.9%
Meep Meep, Bitch!0.24 mi59 ft4.8%
Midway South Descent0.53 mi-89 ft-3.2%
PP - Midway to Gate 32.12 mi354 ft3.1%
Patterson Pass Rd. (Midway-Summit)4.78 mi1,234 ft4.9%
LKHC Patterson Pass East side, first (flatter) section1.27 mi161 ft2.4%
Patterson Pass TT4.36 mi1,175 ft5.1%
PG&E to Gate 31.61 mi318 ft3.7%
PG&E to bottom of false summit2.96 mi728 ft4.6%
Patterson Pass (East)3.90 mi1,115 ft5.4%
Patterson Pass (Climb and Descent)7.63 mi1,083 ft0.4%
Patterson Pass RD (Climb)3.66 mi1,053 ft5.4%
Patterson Pass3.43 mi1,027 ft5.6%
Patterson Pass first climb1.98 mi653 ft6.2%
Patterson Pass Mid Section1.37 mi417 ft5.7%
OMG JR.1.44 mi463 ft6.0%
Eastside Patterson Pass1.80 mi581 ft6.1%
Patterson Pass - Religion0.17 mi85 ft9.5%
Patterson Pass-True Religion0.10 mi56 ft9.6%
Patterson Pass - OMG0.84 mi308 ft7.0%
Sprint from the Tree to the Summit0.28 mi161 ft10.9%
Patterson Pass Descent into Livermore1.71 mi-669 ft-7.4%
Patterson Pass - Summit to Greenville3.98 mi-938 ft-4.5%
Patterson Pass to Flynn Rd2.75 mi-853 ft-5.9%
Patterson Pass Summit to Cross Rd.1.73 mi-653 ft-7.0%
Patterson TT, 1% downgrade stretch (Flynn to Greenville stop sign)1.13 mi-115 ft-1.9%
TT final 1km0.62 mi-62 ft-1.9%
Sprint TronAltaPat0.26 mi-36 ft-2.6%
TT final 200m0.13 mi-13 ft-1.8%