Swan Lake / St. Annes to Yankee Flats

Cycling Route

96.57 km
1,070 m
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
O'Keefe Bomb1.49 km-60 m-4.0%
St Annes Climb2.72 km129 m4.7%
St Annes Rd Climb1.88 km115 m6.1%
St.Anne Hill1.84 km112 m6.1%
St Annes 🔨1.10 km80 m7.3%
Grandview Ramp0.36 km18 m4.9%
sketchy bridge drop0.62 km-45 m-7.2%
Grandview Flats Sprint1.04 km-24 m-2.3%
Otter lake to Armstrong4.27 km-35 m-0.6%
otter lake bomb0.60 km-31 m-5.1%
Otter Lake TT3.28 km-9 m-0.0%
North to Salmon Arm3.10 km111 m3.6%
The Century Sorting Hat Climb2.92 km112 m3.8%
Last One Up0.91 km58 m6.3%
Go West young man!1.70 km28 m1.6%
Get Into the Valley - Salmon River Rd7.75 km-102 m-1.2%
Caravan Theater is around here0.73 km12 m1.3%
Yankee Uppity0.42 km36 m8.4%
Yankee Doodle Dandy26.83 km-209 m-0.0%
Yankee Flats Climb (S)1.11 km64 m5.7%
Yankee Flats Climb - Northbound7.47 km128 m1.7%
Yankee Flats Rollers.8.02 km82 m0.9%
Yankee Down2.00 km-116 m-5.7%
Salmon River Bridge to Firehall1.40 km26 m1.8%
Up to the Firehall 0.60 km24 m4.0%
Salmon River Popper #10.52 km20 m3.5%
6km ramps to Heywood Rd5.78 km34 m0.6%
Glenemma Switch back Climb1.47 km62 m4.2%
Glenemma to Deep Creek Rd10.51 km108 m0.7%
Get out of the Valley - Salmon River Road7.75 km105 m1.2%
Bridge to Summit - Heywood/Salmon River Rd6.58 km108 m1.6%
Twisted Up!1.04 km60 m5.8%
Glenemma Switchback Climb0.97 km62 m6.4%
Up and at 'em!1.12 km40 m3.6%
Dooowwnnn.....3.35 km-33 m-1.0%
No Rest For YOU!4.64 km-142 m-3.1%
Armstrong TT Training Back7.49 km40 m0.0%
Otter Lake Road Sprint Climb0.53 km28 m4.9%
Otter Lake Hill Sprint0.34 km18 m5.3%
Vernon TT course back6.52 km-35 m-0.4%
let's eat2.13 km9 m0.1%
Hwy 97 hill1.04 km49 m4.7%
Okanagan Climb2.49 km60 m2.4%