Past Two Weeks
Past Two Weeks
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The Maldon Gold.

Cycling Route

137.95 km
1,276 m
There is a glitch on the route at Utling where you need to follow the road into Utling and then get back to the route when you get close to the river.
Created By
Nick Hobbs | Blackmore Cycling Apparel

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Jack's Hill (sprint)1.58 km-18 m-1.0%
Wake up Cooper3.29 km-62 m-1.0%
Hilltop to Piercing Hill junction1.03 km-49 m-4.7%
Theydon Downhill Burn 0.86 km-40 m-4.5%
Coppice Row DH0.87 km-22 m-2.4%
Abridge Road Angst0.77 km24 m3.1%
Abridge...A Bridge0.26 km6 m2.3%
Coopersale Lane1.55 km-41 m-2.6%
Blunts Farm (sprint)0.33 km-3 m-0.9%
Gravelpit Wood (sprint)0.89 km-7 m-0.7%
Toot hill straight & downhill1.60 km-27 m-1.7%
4 intootvals1.06 km18 m1.7%
Does Farm (climb)0.42 km16 m3.7%
Toot Hill Road (Eastbound)1.47 km-25 m-1.2%
Toot Hill Trumpet0.74 km-18 m-1.9%
Coopers Hill 0.40 km15 m3.7%
Strade Bianche di Norton Lane1.58 km19 m1.2%
Between the Nortons2.06 km27 m1.2%
Willingale Sprint1.49 km-18 m-1.2%
Dodd's Farm (sprint)0.41 km-10 m-2.4%
Rockhill Cottages (sprint)0.60 km-4 m-0.5%
Spains Hall (sprint)0.50 km4 m0.2%
newney sprint1.28 km-14 m-1.1%
Ouch0.30 km9 m2.9%
Race to Bridge on Cycle Path0.52 km-3 m-0.5%
Sandford Mill Lane Climb Only0.31 km11 m3.5%
The Ascent of Stan0.67 km21 m3.2%
Oak Farm to Wood Corner1.79 km-12 m-0.5%
Oak Farm to West Chase3.97 km-27 m-0.1%
Climb to police station1.95 km15 m0.5%
Abbey Turning to West Chase0.87 km-19 m-0.0%
Hospital Climb0.27 km12 m4.2%
North Hill first bump0.23 km16 m6.9%
To the Viper0.23 km13 m5.6%
Maison Blanche Climb0.64 km22 m3.4%
Mile 81.67 km-20 m-1.2%
Watch out for that parked lorry!!0.83 km-8 m-0.9%
Paul Ryder0.30 km5 m1.3%
Blackmore to Hook End2.90 km25 m0.8%
Blackmore Rd (Meadow Rs-First Ave)1.65 km18 m1.1%
skool rd sprint 0.34 km2 m0.4%
Bro hill road hill only1.06 km44 m4.1%
Sandhills2.23 km61 m2.7%
Sandhills Gate to Gate_fw0.86 km30 m3.1%
Out the saddle0.54 km19 m3.5%
Lambourne Sprint0.95 km-8 m-0.1%
The Senna S0.24 km-15 m-6.0%
Roding Ln1.22 km-28 m-2.3%
Kate's Killer Hill0.30 km36 m12.0%
Killer Monk0.63 km42 m6.6%