Cycling Route

68.05 mi
3,534 ft
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Q's Neighborhood Hump1.24 mi141 ft2.0%
TJ Wall0.23 mi82 ft6.7%
Rosebud Roller1.08 mi-112 ft-1.2%
Center Hill Church Hill0.91 mi85 ft1.7%
138 4 way to jersey/monroe 4way2.70 mi-89 ft-0.3%
Sams first 5 out of 20 mile loop5.13 mi-102 ft-0.3%
HD Atha climb to Church0.48 mi43 ft0.0%
hd atha 4 way to 4 way toward county line rd2.92 mi-79 ft-0.2%
HD Atha South -JerSoc to County2.25 mi-82 ft-0.3%
Sweet Mary's Roller 0.50 mi-102 ft-2.6%
Trestle to County Line2.07 mi131 ft1.2%
Paine Crossing to W Hightower Trl3.16 mi190 ft1.0%
Jersey climb2.45 mi148 ft0.6%
Youth Jersey Rd Climb2.54 mi335 ft2.2%
Green Rd0.45 mi102 ft4.3%
Green to Sharon Ch1.37 mi125 ft1.5%