Crooked Road Loop

Cycling Route

45.85 mi
5,897 ft
46 Mile loop with 16.5 gravel miles. Starting at an elevation of 985' this route climbs to 2750'. Very steep gravel climbs are short but demanding. A rewarding descent down 5 mile mountain road is both fast and smooth. Suggested Clockwise Route.

Alternate challenge route Cypress Dr SE to Right on Radford, to Right on Dry Hill, Continue on Barton Spur (rough and steep washed out VDO unmaintained right-of-way), Right on Dry Hill, Left on Brandy Oak, Right on Dry Hill, Continue on Henry Rd, Right on Jamison Mill Rd.
Created By
Matt Ross

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
I’ve Never Brought You Up This Hill0.39 mi157 ft7.7%
Brown Hill Gravel NE1.34 mi-79 ft-0.5%
Griffith Hill Pimples1.61 mi338 ft3.9%
Cannadays Gap Rd Se Climb1.98 mi1,030 ft9.8%
Cannaday's Gap Climb (Runnet Bag Rd)1.82 mi1,027 ft10.7%
Runnet Bag Kicker0.57 mi495 ft16.4%
Silverleaf Gravel3.04 mi302 ft1.7%
Down 5MIle Mtn Top to Rocky Ridge3.41 mi-981 ft-5.4%
Down 5 Mile to Rock Ridge3.43 mi-1,017 ft-5.7%
Pheobe needles short climb0.73 mi108 ft2.7%
Ferru Mtn South w/ 751 Start1.04 mi364 ft6.6%
Down Ferrum Mt. South to Wiley0.75 mi-217 ft-5.4%