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FWRC Bryneglwys Hilly - 46 miles / 4,300 ft

Cycling Route

46.01 mi
4,287 ft
Created By
Richard Evans - FWRC

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
We have lift off 🚀0.80 mi115 ft2.6%
Hall Lane climb0.76 mi210 ft5.2%
Pen-y-bryn Cafe dash2.63 mi367 ft2.6%
Saint Thomas Church climb. ⛪ 0.20 mi49 ft4.4%
Pen y Bryn To Cefn Y Fedw Climb1.30 mi171 ft2.5%
Panorama Walk2.33 mi-253 ft-0.7%
panorama face1.25 mi197 ft1.0%
Eglwyseg Punch0.19 mi62 ft5.9%
Eglwyseg cut through to Pentredwr1.99 mi-125 ft-0.3%
A542 to Llantysillio0.93 mi-72 ft-0.3%
Rhewl - Carrog5.78 mi331 ft0.0%
Rhewl - Glyndyfrdwy3.38 mi331 ft0.0%
Hafod rhisg0.65 mi272 ft6.4%
Glyndyfrdwy - Carrog2.36 mi-66 ft-0.0%
carrog to A51044.11 mi531 ft1.6%
B5437 Climb1.13 mi308 ft5.2%
Carrog Mill Climb, East Approach2.25 mi512 ft4.3%
Over the top1.01 mi213 ft4.0%
Monkey Oiler1.35 mi-89 ft-1.0%
exit to entry1.96 mi430 ft3.1%
only down hill0.44 mi-128 ft-4.5%
Horseshoe Pass to summit sign (north side)1.94 mi479 ft4.5%
Farm Road to Ponderosa sign0.95 mi315 ft6.2%
Cattle-Grid to Ponderosa Sign0.45 mi151 ft6.3%
Ponderosa 4 bends down!!2.01 mi-463 ft-4.1%
HSP Descent Challenge3.87 mi-1,033 ft-5.0%
Horseshoe pass descent, Llangollen side2.50 mi-830 ft-6.1%
Top to the cattle grid2.10 mi-600 ft-5.4%
Just for the bends0.54 mi-167 ft-3.4%
Tailllly3.09 mi-945 ft-5.8%
Horseshoe from Turn 1 (After Photos)3.25 mi-991 ft-5.2%
Onto the top tube1.27 mi-463 ft-6.9%
Horseshoe Speed Trap0.10 mi-39 ft-6.6%
Cogs challenge2.19 mi-335 ft-2.9%
Motor Museum bump0.18 mi56 ft5.3%
Llangollen to Hampden Arms, Acrefair4.45 mi217 ft0.9%
LLangollen to Ruabon5.21 mi233 ft0.5%
Rotten Badger hill0.57 mi30 ft0.3%
Sun Trevor to Trevor1.65 mi98 ft1.1%
Trevor Hill0.25 mi66 ft4.9%
Trevor hills1.83 mi151 ft1.6%
Duke To The Top O The Hill0.73 mi144 ft3.6%
mmmmm Chinese hill0.32 mi75 ft4.5%
Chinese to Hampden0.12 mi23 ft3.3%
Hampden Arms to Roundabout sprint0.92 mi-92 ft-1.9%
Sprint Through Ruabon1.21 mi26 ft0.2%
Corner Snap gps fixed0.11 mi10 ft0.2%
Ruabon to Johnstown1.49 mi46 ft0.6%
Ruabon Bridge to Scottish Power2.05 mi62 ft0.2%
The end is near0.64 mi-98 ft-2.8%