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San Gorgonio mtn via Vivian Creek

Running Route

17.46 mi
5,433 ft
There are several trails leading up to San Gorgonio, but none as steep as the Vivian Creek trail, which in less than eight miles to the summit climbs over a vertical mile. The first section gives you a gentle, half-mile warm-up through the wooded Mill Creek Canyon. The next section is a steep mile of switchbacks that climbs 1,000 vertical feet. It’s a forested trail with views over Mill Creek Canyon and to the west toward Mt. San Antonio. The third section of the trail is parallels the beautiful Vivian Creek. This is an easy section and was really a highlight of the trail, with the sounds of the babbling creek, impressive pines and lush greenery. The fourth section gets steeper, climbing past High Creek and up a number of switchbacks to the tree line. You may begin to feel the effects of the altitude as you approach 10,000 feet. The view opens up and you gain stunning vistas of Mt. San Jacinto and the Inland Empire. The final section of the trail is a long, diagonal traverse near the ridge that leads to San Gorgonio. You climb steadily, with sparse vegetation and full exposure to the sun. It is dry and it can get quite hot, but it’s a well-engineered trail that climbs steadily and not-too-steeply to the summit As you reach the summit ridge, you’ll pass to junctions en route to the peak. The first is a spur that leads west toward Dollar Lake. Bear right and head eastward. Another 1/4 mile along the trail you’ll reach a junction with the Sky High Trail joining from the south. Continue straight for another .3 miles to the summit. The top is a broad expanse of gravel and rocks that is a little anti-climactic. It feels more like a big mound than a peak. But it’s the highest point in Southern California, as the 360 degree views confirm. The return route on this out-and-back trip is back down the nearly 8.5 mile trail. Fair warning, it will feel longer. Take your time and enjoy it. The views you enjoyed on your morning climb take on a whole new look in the afternoon light.
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mt. San Gorgonio via Vivian8.86 mi5,230 ft11.2%
info board to halfway fork sign2.87 mi1,909 ft12.6%
Falls Rd Climb1.88 mi1,417 ft14.3%
San Gorgonio from Vivian Creek9.04 mi5,417 ft11.3%
To The Wilderness Sign1.13 mi919 ft15.4%
Falls Road Climb0.30 mi164 ft10.1%
To High Creek sign5.08 mi2,963 ft11.0%
To Halfway Camp2.95 mi1,847 ft11.9%
Falls Rd Climb8.80 mi5,371 ft11.6%
San Gorgonio Mountain Up and Down via Vivian Creek17.77 mi5,361 ft0.0%
Falls Rd Climb0.43 mi253 ft10.9%
Creek to Vivian creek camp 15% hill1.07 mi866 ft15.3%
21% warm-up0.67 mi761 ft21.4%
Fall Creek Trail Climb0.19 mi177 ft17.3%
Falls Road Climb0.56 mi312 ft10.4%
Falls Road Climb0.21 mi161 ft14.0%
Falls Rd Climb0.53 mi423 ft14.8%
Falls Rd Climb0.79 mi594 ft13.8%
Falls Rd Climb1.89 mi899 ft9.0%
high creek to SG summit3.64 mi2,182 ft11.4%
Island Drive Climb1.95 mi1,460 ft14.1%
it'll break ya1.29 mi1,129 ft16.6%
Vivian train down8.86 mi-5,200 ft-11.1%
Down from High Creek5.22 mi-2,995 ft-10.8%
bomb down from halfway2.82 mi-1,903 ft-12.7%
The cooldown0.70 mi-807 ft-21.6%