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Canyonback "Axel's Whoopsie trail"

Running Route

12.69 mi
2,452 ft
Axel's marking route from a previous TRC run. (ignore the out & back section midway)
Created By
Ann O

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Going up the Whoops0.83 mi246 ft5.6%
Mandeville Canyon Road Climb0.22 mi135 ft11.3%
Mandeville Canyon Rd Climb0.46 mi203 ft8.3%
Canyonback Tarmac to Canyonback trail0.39 mi105 ft0.2%
Canyonback Trail North1.50 mi174 ft0.8%
Hollyhock Fire Rd Climb0.42 mi144 ft6.5%
Tennis Courts to Lookout Point2.40 mi338 ft2.5%
Mountaingate: Gate to Lone Tree0.90 mi167 ft2.0%
Hollyhock - gate to gate - north1.41 mi148 ft1.1%
DA BOMB! Downhill boogie0.05 mi33 ft10.2%
Canyonback Climb0.12 mi66 ft10.6%
Mulholland Dr Climb0.77 mi266 ft6.3%
Encino Hills Climb0.82 mi259 ft6.0%
Mulholland to San Vicente Mountain 0.77 mi276 ft6.7%
NIKE down to Water and Power Pole Rd0.42 mi-164 ft-6.2%
W. Mandeville Descent1.33 mi-459 ft-6.5%
Hollyhock Fire Rd Climb0.73 mi472 ft12.2%
Kenter Fireroad Drop0.35 mi-187 ft-9.8%
Let the beat....drrrrrop.0.12 mi-200 ft-29.5%
BMX Bunny hopping0.81 mi-246 ft-5.7%