2022 Sydney Zoo2Zoo Day 4 (115km)

Cycling Route

110.15 km
925 m
Day 4 of the 2022 Sydney to Dubbo Zoo2Zoo (Sunday 16 October 2022)
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info@zoo2zoo.com Zoo2Zoo

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
King Street to Garra Road4.00 km97 m2.1%
Breakfast run17.67 km-113 m-0.6%
Hog's One Fiddy - Cumnock Sprint4.51 km-110 m-2.4%
Cumnock approach4.65 km-107 m-2.3%
Cumnock Sprint0.62 km-8 m-1.3%
Obley St Climb0.78 km92 m11.8%
Cumnock to Yeoval23.11 km-113 m-0.5%
Hogs One Fiddy - Yeoval Sprint6.11 km-33 m-0.3%
Yeoval Green 505.88 km-31 m-0.3%
Yeoval to Wambangalang37.16 km-165 m-0.2%
Yeoval KOM (not the over the hill one)4.84 km76 m1.6%
Z2Z KOM5.06 km68 m1.3%
Obley Road Climb0.94 km96 m10.2%
20km to Wambangalang20.97 km-157 m-0.2%
Last Z2Z Climb7.49 km103 m1.4%
12km sprint - last hill to Wambangalang education centre z2z12.67 km-157 m-1.2%
Wambangalang to Dundullimal (Dubbo)24.66 km-65 m-0.1%
Last Stage20.33 km-60 m-0.1%
Toongi Climb coming back into town2.01 km37 m1.8%
Gelngerra Climb coming back into town1.37 km40 m2.9%
Gelngerra to Benolong Sprint!3.90 km-57 m-1.5%
Benolong to Cumboogle Rd coming back into town2.60 km-2 m-0.0%