Canopy Cruising

Cycling Route

30.68 km
348 m
Created By
Cycle Simcoe
April 8, 2015·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Horseshoe Centurion 25K - Part A11.75 km-88 m-0.6%
4th Line Downhill to Bass Lake2.37 km-25 m-1.0%
Bass Lake --> 4 to 62.68 km22 m0.0%
4-7 Bass Lake4.18 km-48 m-0.6%
5th to 6th 1.43 km-22 m-0.6%
Speed test0.58 km-18 m-2.2%
Bass Lake Road S-turn0.88 km-31 m-1.6%
Bass Lake --> 7 to 81.33 km-41 m-2.6%
Grit your teeth up the 8th1.42 km46 m3.1%
8th --> Bass Lake to 15/166.10 km-69 m-0.1%
8-Tor0.34 km40 m10.4%
8th Line S2.79 km37 m0.2%
8th --> OBR to 15/163.08 km-37 m-0.3%
Interclub Sprint0.70 km6 m0.3%
OLD VERSION - Sprint to0.60 km6 m0.6%
4th line 15/16 to Horseshoe9.63 km105 m1.0%
4th Line --> 15/16 to Old Barrie2.96 km43 m1.4%
4th Line N --> Old Barrie to Bass Lake2.98 km47 m1.0%
4th Line0.56 km24 m4.0%
4th line climbs1.96 km33 m1.7%
Fire Station Sprint0.32 km-3 m-0.7%