Lake Eugenia Loop

Cycling Route

90.2 km
928 m
Created By
Cycle Simcoe

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Osler Bluff to City limit2.42 km-25 m-1.0%
6th Line finale0.51 km-14 m-2.8%
Currie's to Poplar1.67 km-4 m-0.3%
Pretty River to the T7.14 km113 m1.5%
Pretty river valley 10th line to Rob Roy10.36 km237 m2.2%
Collingwood townline to Rob Roy7.54 km210 m2.8%
Pretty river parking lot to rob roy7.29 km195 m2.6%
Grey Rd. 31 to Rob Roy6.74 km186 m2.8%
PRV & 30/31 to Rob Roy3.19 km111 m3.5%
25% Rob Roy southbound0.37 km6 m1.5%
Road 63 Climb1.12 km82 m7.3%
Blue Mountain Maples Road Climb0.69 km118 m16.9%
GR 13 Full Descent to township yard4.78 km-182 m-3.8%
GR 13 Descent into Kimberley2.80 km-147 m-5.3%
Eugenia Descent to fork4.41 km-180 m-4.1%
Beaver Valley Road at 1191.07 km37 m3.4%
Redwing to Corner3.49 km119 m2.9%
Passo de Redwing 4.25 km159 m3.7%
Sideroad 9 Climb1.69 km101 m6.0%
Grey Road 2 Climb2.23 km110 m4.9%
Grey Road 19 rollers5.35 km83 m1.3%
Grey Road 19 Eastbound10.40 km-241 m-1.6%
Grey Rd 19 Descent5.25 km-252 m-4.8%
C50 Descent5.02 km-251 m-5.0%
Castle Glen DH3.08 km-171 m-5.6%
Osler Bluff Rd TT2.78 km-32 m-1.1%
19 to Mountain Road2.61 km-30 m-1.1%
Range to Finish2.14 km20 m0.9%
Flamme Rouge0.98 km5 m0.4%