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Santa Ynez to Trailer Canyon

Running Route

9.8 mi
2,022 ft
This run starts in Santa Ynez Canyon in Palisades Highlands. After a flat run through a cool, lush canyon, we climb to a fire road above Tripett Ranch. We continue up the fire road around Eagle Peak, along a level stretch with good San Fernando Valley and Ocean views and then drop down through Trailer Canyon to return to the starting point. It's been a long time Thanksgiving Day tradition for the Trail Runners Club.
Created By
Ann O

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Santa Ynez to Trailer Cyn loop8.85 mi1,463 ft0.7%
Santa Ynez to Red Rock climb4.01 mi1,467 ft6.9%
Santa Ynez Canyon Trail Climb1.80 mi781 ft8.2%
Pride rock run1.59 mi558 ft6.6%
E Topanga Fire Rd Climb0.76 mi335 ft8.2%
Top of Santa Ynez to Red Rock1.95 mi659 ft6.4%
Eagle Rock Climb0.38 mi230 ft11.4%
Cheney Ranch Rd Climb0.37 mi246 ft12.4%
E Topanga Fire Rd Climb0.32 mi184 ft10.7%
Temescal Descent: Hub to Michael Lane4.27 mi-1,138 ft-4.8%
The hub to Trailer Cyn trailhead4.32 mi-1,132 ft-4.7%
Trailer Canyon Fire Road Descend2.24 mi-942 ft-7.9%