Artsakh Ultra: Stage 3 Recon: Zuar Hot Springs to Dadivank and back

Running Route

31.05 mi
1,816 ft
This will be the Artsakh Ultra's "easiest" stage, both in terms of terrain (only 1800 feet / 600m of elevation gain) and ease of following (only four turns). It will feature 21 miles on a dirt road down, and then back up, a river canyon, plus 9 miles on paved roads, including a dramatic ascent to Dadivank, a 9th century monastery. Runners will be given up to 45 minutes "off the clock" to explore and enjoy the monastery and it's breathtaking setting. Today's stage is also the only out-and-back stage, and the only time we will stay in one location for two nights. For more information, visit PLEASE NOTE: If you look in satellite view, the images are VERY old black-and-white Soviet era images.
Created By
Chris K

Route and Elevation