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Ballarat — Ballarat to Mt Buninyong Road Loop

Cycling Route

99.53 km
1,462 m
Ride Type: Road Difficulty: Advanced After fuelling up at one of the great cafes in Ballarat, loop around beautiful Lake Wendouree and head south out of the city. You’re on your way to tackle the iconic Mt Buninyong that every Australian pro and neo-pro takes on for the Nationals Road Race every year. Lucky for you, you only have to do it once, not 16 times like they do, unless you really want to. Start the climb and curve your way up to the top and back down. Once you’ve conquered Mt Buninyong, descend and do a quick lap of the National Championship’s course, then head out towards Mount Egerton past the Lal Lal windfarm and up to Gordon. Carefully cross the highway and head over to White Swan Reservoir, before heading back to Ballarat for a snack and another coffee. The roads out here are incredible, but make sure you’re always keeping a lookout for cars and following all the road rules.
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Cycle West VIC

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Boom shakalaca0.48 km-1 m-0.1%
gardens interval0.62 km-9 m-0.2%
Sturt EAST1.07 km-3 m-0.2%
Sturt street from city oval1.90 km-28 m-1.5%
Sturt Street Descent1.94 km-28 m-1.3%
2014 Elite National Crit Back Straight0.49 km-8 m-1.7%
Main Rd outbound to Mount Clear3.99 km36 m0.9%
Ballarat to Buninyong10.01 km62 m0.0%
Main Road5.66 km56 m0.8%
Sov hill to tinworth1.77 km19 m1.0%
Geelong Rd - outbound6.59 km80 m1.2%
Canadian Lakes to Midvale (Roundabouts)1.54 km12 m0.5%
Midvale to Damascus0.92 km21 m2.1%
Mt Clear climb0.65 km12 m1.9%
Midvale to University Drive2.57 km31 m1.2%
Damascus to Greenhill0.80 km-8 m-0.9%
National Master Downhill Finish1.96 km-58 m-2.9%
Mt Helen / Buninyong Decent1.72 km-58 m-3.3%
downhill #roadnats sprint finish1.77 km-53 m-2.9%
Buninyong the Final 700.0.68 km-11 m-1.5%
Buninyong A300 Climb1.51 km83 m5.5%
Its UP the hill we go0.90 km42 m4.3%
Roundabout to Summit5.73 km75 m1.3%
Buninyong to Nationals KOM2.85 km150 m5.3%
Buninyong to Mt Buninyong5.76 km298 m5.2%
Long Bunny5.17 km268 m5.1%
Buninyong Mid Climb1.33 km83 m6.2%
West vic hill attacks!!0.41 km23 m5.5%
Short & Steep Bit of the A3000.54 km37 m6.6%
Steep bit of the A300.0.56 km41 m7.4%
Mount Buninyong Rd Climb1.25 km70 m5.5%
Midland Hwy to Mt Buninyong Summit4.23 km219 m5.1%
Buninyong Nationals KoM1.07 km65 m6.1%
Actual National KOM - Start sign to finish sign.0.98 km70 m7.1%
Blackberry to Gittings Lane0.95 km65 m6.8%
Mount Buninyong - the top half2.66 km149 m5.6%
the buni bit that hurts1.57 km101 m6.4%
Up & down the summit5.46 km149 m0.1%
The Final ASYNT2.17 km113 m5.1%
Mt.B Road Pinch0.21 km26 m12.2%
Mt Buninyong crossover to summit1.71 km67 m3.9%
The final km KOM1.02 km38 m3.7%
bunningyong descent2.46 km-127 m-5.1%
This is it: Nats, over the top.2.48 km-27 m-0.8%
Gear Avenue Climb0.46 km97 m20.7%
#morethanacyclingcourse0.79 km-47 m-5.9%
FU diversion2.43 km-53 m-1.6%