Past Month

Visit the Alpacas (option 1)

Cycling Route

95.45 km
1,419 m
route goes past two (now closed) alpaca farms. 
Created By
Jim Wrubel

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Pearce Mill Rd hill0.58 km10 m1.4%
Pearce Mill to S. Villa1.21 km69 m5.7%
Babcock South2.22 km82 m3.7%
Ridge Road Downhill To Three Degree3.24 km-56 m-1.1%
Three Degree Rd3.15 km19 m0.3%
Visit the Alpacas0.99 km56 m5.6%
Airport Road hill0.42 km16 m3.3%
Creek Rd to Beacon Rd1.78 km79 m4.3%
renfrew climb0.82 km66 m8.0%
List Hill Rd.0.63 km59 m7.6%
3 Degree Road1.54 km61 m3.9%
Ridge Road Uphill2.47 km57 m2.0%
Babcock across the Turnpike4.44 km-40 m-0.2%
Babcock South long downhill3.39 km-96 m-2.8%
North Park - Babcock Rd Stretch - Lake Loop0.33 km-0 m-0.1%
Ingomar section of small loop NP1.39 km10 m0.6%
Ingomar section of small loop NP ver C1.63 km12 m0.2%
Ingomar climb starting at Babcock1.14 km13 m0.8%
Sprint to stone lot0.50 km3 m0.1%
Kummer Climb Stage 10.81 km28 m3.4%
Gass Rd Climb1.68 km85 m5.1%
Kummer climb1.92 km76 m3.4%
Kummer Climb Stage 20.88 km51 m5.7%
Kummer Ice Rink Decent to Entrance1.06 km-77 m-7.2%
Ice Rink Decent0.87 km-71 m-8.2%
North Park - Kummer Rd Sprint (Reverse)0.40 km2 m0.1%
North Park - Pierce Mill Rd - Ice Rink Sprint0.41 km-6 m-1.5%
North Park - Pierce Mill Rd Sprint1.41 km-11 m-0.7%
Up & Over Walter Rd. S1.99 km-72 m-0.2%
North Park - Sir Walter0.89 km58 m6.5%
small steep hill0.77 km58 m6.4%
Up & Down Walter Road1.67 km-58 m-0.1%