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Cycling Route

28.53 mi
2,299 ft
Created By
Noah Niwinski

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Whitener Drive Climb0.27 mi289 ft20.2%
20 Dolla Holla0.27 mi-20 ft-1.2%
Winklers Creek Rd Climb0.54 mi276 ft9.6%
Reverse Speed Limit0.38 mi-20 ft-0.8%
Meadowview Dr0.36 mi46 ft2.5%
Excited WeiNeRer's1.40 mi-144 ft-0.5%
Samaritan Lane Climb0.67 mi331 ft9.3%
WNR Lower George Hayes1.66 mi394 ft4.5%
George Hays - Bridge to Parkway Full2.92 mi531 ft3.4%
WNR George Hayes1.31 mi295 ft4.2%
Birmingham Strava Shootout Dolly Ridge Simulation1.88 mi305 ft3.1%
George Hayes- Full1.87 mi348 ft3.5%
2nd half of George Hays1.43 mi180 ft1.2%
G. Hayes Last Short Climb0.34 mi85 ft4.8%
Thunder Hill with climb leading up to it2.40 mi141 ft0.9%
BRP Blackberry to Green Hill1.73 mi128 ft1.3%
Thunder Hill Sprint0.37 mi49 ft2.0%
Green Hill WNR0.97 mi161 ft3.1%
Green Hill climb0.40 mi95 ft4.6%
Wonderland Climb1.49 mi223 ft2.8%
Wonderland Overlooks1.65 mi223 ft2.4%
Wonderland Rd.2.54 mi335 ft2.5%
WNR Parkway Climb0.57 mi141 ft4.5%
BRP to Flat Top Rd Exit1.85 mi-515 ft-5.2%
WNR 321 BR Pkway to Boone4.24 mi-312 ft-1.2%
321 to Boone3.24 mi-121 ft-0.4%
Leadout Tweetsie 0.51 mi10 ft0.0%
OLD VERSION - Wahoo Sprint0.23 mi56 ft4.7%
Reduce Speed Ahead0.78 mi-197 ft-4.8%
Speed Limit0.38 mi23 ft1.1%